Motorola Droid Tops 100,000 Sales In First Weekend

With critically lauded appeal, a mobile operating system that continues to grow in popularity and a sleek design supported by a advertising heavy campaign, it doesn’t surprise me that the Motorola Droid did well in terms of opening week sales, now it’s just up to Verizon to keep supply on par with demand.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Verizon depleted half of their 200,000 unit supply over the weekend, with Motorola and Verizon expecting to move one million Android based handsets before the end of 2009. Although those predictions include other Android handsets on the horizon instead of focusing solely on the Moto Droid.

The numbers make for a good weekend for Motorola who moved much of their staff into their newly formed Google Android department, while largely banking on the success of the Android OS. It’s a very nice first release and their devices can only get better from this point moving forward.