Ivanka Trump Posts Photo Of Jared Kushner And Son With Confederate Flag In The Background

Ivanka Trump posted a series of photos of her husband, Jared Kushner, and their 3-year-old son on a fishing boat. One of the images is sparking a bit of controversy after it was noticed that a Confederate flag was in the background. The images were snapped in Florida where President Donald Trump and his entire family are spending the Christmas holiday.

Apparently, Ivanka Trump didn’t spot the Confederate flag in the photo, or isn’t concerned about the impact it might have had. The photo shows Jared Kushner in sunglasses holding young Joseph. They were on a boat in the waters near Mar-a-Lago in which another boat behind them had a Confederate flag and a U.S. flag on the small vessel.

Jared and Joseph were on their way out to catch some fish. The photo that people are talking about shows Jared holding up a fish that his son caught. He’s smiling big with Joseph and the caption reads, “To any kid, this fish is a trophy.”

In order to find the photo of the Confederate flag behind Jared Kushner, click the arrow on the image below.

Several news outlets are reporting on the photo that had an accidental inclusion of the Confederate flag. AOL News reports that Twitter is “melting down” over the image. Newsweek also picked up the story and wrote that although the Confederate flag inadvertently made its way into the photo, users quickly attacked Ivanka Trump given her father’s “history of defending Confederate statues.”

Of course, no one can control what happens behind them or what someone’s boat has adorned on it. The Confederate flag carries a lot of controversy and it’s largely seen as racist. One user commented on Ivanka Trump’s post, writing, “there’s no way she could have not notice [sic] the confederate flag behind her husband and son.” Another referred to President Trump’s base. “Confederate in the background – am sure your base will notice that little wink,” the user wrote.

To any kid, this fish is a trophy! ???? ???? ????

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Others remarked on the Confederate flag that was seen behind Jared Kushner and his son. Those criticizing Ivanka Trump for not noticing the flag on the boat behind her husband and son were also met with arguments from supporters. One wrote that even fishing can be a racial thing if “you TRY” to look for it.

Daily Mail reports that Ivanka and Jared were seen dining with Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago over Christmas weekend. The four were seated behind a velvet rope while the president and Kushner were in “deep conversation.”

Ivanka Trump is usually the recipient of scathing criticism on social media no matter what she posts. More often than not she tends to give them something to run with, whether it’s a grammatical error, misspelling, or a slight oversight. You name it, no one cuts Ivanka much slack.