Danielle Bregoli Cashes In: One Year After ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Finds Viral Fame, She Puts Money To Good Use

Danielle Bregoli started off 2017 by finding viral fame thanks to a very public spat with her mother, and the teenager ended the year putting her newfound fortune to good use to help her mom.

The “Cash me outside” girl shot to fame in early 2017 after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show went viral. The show, which featured Danielle’s mother anguished over the teen’s behavior, contains a now-infamous threat from Danielle to an audience member to “Cash me outside, howbow dah?” After the video went viral, Danielle Bregoli turned her fame into a successful career, first on social media and then as a rapper who goes by Bhad Bhabie.

In that time, Danielle Bregoli has amassed a net worth estimated at millions of dollars (and growing toward $10 million) through her endorsements, recording contract, appearances, and a deal for a reality show. This Christmas, Danielle used some of that fortune to help out her mother.

As the New York Post’s Page Six reported, Danielle gave her mother $65,000 to pay off the mortgage on her Florida home. TMZ shared the moment in a video, showing Danielle’s mother crying as she learned about the gift.

The gift attracted some good coverage for Danielle Bregoli, who has worked hard on reshaping her image from a wayward teen with no direction in life to a wayward teen on her way to making millions of dollars. Bregoli plays off her bad reputation in her rap career, which was shown in her first single “These Heaux.”

Bregoli has become so famous that she has attracted an entire “fake news” industry around her. There have been reports that she was pregnant, reports that she died, and a recent report that she had earned a full scholarship to Harvard. The latter story was inspired by a post Bregoli made on Instagram showing her holding a Harvard shirt and claiming she was giving away a full scholarship. Some people apparently missed the joke she was making and thought the report was true.

It’s not clear what plans Danielle Bregoli has for 2018, but it seems clear that she has been able to stretch her 15 minutes of fame into an actual career.