New Donald And Melania Trump Photo Has Some Allegedly Seeing Things That Are Not There

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Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage has been a source of gossip since Trump first threw his hat into the presidential ring as a candidate, and the gossip still crops up now and then. From fortune tellers to “unnamed sources,” people have attempted to make the masses believe that Donald and Melania Trump’s marriage is in peril.

Another round of scuttlebutt is being whispered online today about the Trump relationship. The White House released a picture of the president and the first lady sitting about five feet apart in chairs with a Christmas tree and packages for a backdrop, according to Fox News. At first glance, you see both Melania and Donald leaning in the opposite direction from each other, a pose that a body language expert could have a field day with.

What you don’t know by just taking a glimpse of the picture is why the Trump couple is sitting this way, which is a pose appropriate for the task at hand. The picture, seen below, of the president and first lady shows both of them on the telephone. People have started asking questions online about Melania and Donald Trump seemingly disconnected from each other while they are in the same room. It seems just by taking a quick glimpse at the picture they may have seen something different. “Are they talking to each other?!?” asks one Twitter user. Another Twitter user sarcastically suggested this photo is just how they “imagined” the Trump couple on Christmas Eve.

Once people read what it was the president and the first lady were actually doing in this picture, the confusion was explained. The president and the first lady weren’t disconnected from each other, although they were on separate phone calls. They were taking phone calls from kids that called into NORAD on Christmas Eve. The kids called in asking where Santa was and when he was getting to their house.

Donald and Melania Trump at the Christmas tree on the phone
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According to Fox, Melania and Donald sat in their Mar-a-Lago estate and took calls from kids, and from all reports they enjoyed their time on Christmas Eve doing this. It was an activity that really addressed the joy of the season, but the picture, if it stands alone, had people thinking along other avenues.

Many of comments fared well for the Trump couple getting involved with the Santa calls, not everyone just judged the picture. The explanation got kudos for Donald and Melania. It was those who just commented on the picture that seemed to see things differently but this certainly wasn’t the first time this has happened.

According to Elite Daily, back in June a body language expert, Susan Constantine, made the headlines when she claimed that, while Melania and Donald Trump might have once had a romance, “whatever chemistry was there has evaporated” between the couple. She made this assessment by watching their interaction in public via tapes and pictures. She also predicted they may be headed for a divorce. More predictions from other people have since cropped up in the fields full of Trump criticizers.

The Express reported in July that Melania addressed these rumors, calling them “sad,” and insisted that she is very happy in her marriage, which calmed the accusations down for a while, but not for good. As recently as last week, an author reported that Melania Trump seems happier when she isn’t with her husband, according to a previous Inquisitr article.

Watching the Trumps and attempting to extract marriage information out of what you see has been proven wrong again. This picture of the Trumps in front of the tree on the phone is a good example of it. If you didn’t know what they were doing, there were certain things you could — and people did — read into that photo.

Besides people seeing something in the picture that wasn’t there, some people on the social media sites ripped the first couple apart about their NORAD calls. One Twitter user posted a picture of Trump as if he were on TV, with a CNN logo with the headline reading, “Trump Lies: NORAD is tracking Santa.” Others suggested that the children were calling thinking they were going to talk to Santa but ending up with the “Grinch” on the phone, referring to Trump. Another Twitter user posted, “Scale of (1-10 very) how disappointed were the children when they discovered it was a Trump and not Santa Claus?”

This wasn’t the only picture that “flat-lined” across the social media sites coming from the Trump family. According to AOL, Melania took a selfie, which is a very rare occurrence coming from the first lady. This has some people peeved.

She donned a Santa hat with a dancing reindeer on top, which was in sync with the season. Once she tweeted the picture, the tidal wave came flooding back with debris filled with nasty critiques about her selfie. “Incredibly tacky and an insult to the position of First Lady,” wrote one Twitter user. Another tweet said, “Disgraceful for a First Lady, Christmas or not. You look like a model on a photo shoot for the front page of Hustler. I’m sure the elderly and poor will appreciate this photo given how you and hubby don’t care about them, only your millionaire friends at Mar-a-Largo.”


This tweet, which is seen above, was only Melania’s face which seemed to indicate a “surprise,” suggests AOL. People seemed to have read a lot into this picture as well. As AOL reports, “The photo depicted Melania with a surprised facial expression that some called ‘duck face,’ ‘disgraceful,’ and too sexy.” The Trumps didn’t seem to have much luck with these two pictures. From most reports, the photos were meant as nothing more than the Trumps offering up the spirit of Christmas.