Meghan Markle’s Hat Dubbed ‘Poo Emoji’ Look-Alike, Designer Remains Unknown


From most reports, Meghan Markle rocked her first Christmas event with the Royal Family but what she wore on her head has the wheels of social media churning as they try their hardest to describe it. This is one hat that will be remembered if Meghan should ever decide to recycle it for another event in the public eye, as her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, is known for doing.

As LAD Bible suggests, the “Internet is not a forgiving place,” so when every stitch of clothing that is visible to the public eye is critiqued, there is bound to be something seen as unfavorable, such as Meghan Markle’s hat. They also suggest that it’s a good idea to consider the possibility of future criticism before wearing a hat that looks like a “turd.”

During the live broadcast from Fox News on Christmas day, a video of Meghan Markle was shown that highlighted her making her way to and from the church, wearing a hat that has the online world buzzing today. One of the Fox reporters attempted to describe what Meghan had on her head, but he sounded stumped for words once he came to the word “hat” and left it at that. He ended it by simply saying it was a hat that Meghan had on her head.

The Internet wasn’t as kind as that Fox News anchor, and they didn’t leave it as a “hat” Meghan was wearing on her head. LAD Bible suggests, ” it wasn’t long before the eagle-eyed general public spotted something a little off about Meghan’s outfit – specifically, what she was wearing on her head.” Suddenly the poo emoji was recycled as a fashion critique for Meghan’s hat.


The tweets continued, “I can’t look at Meghan Markle ‘s hat without thinking of the poo emoji :-)” and “What a cruel hat maker, putting a poo on top of Meghan Markle’s head and calling it fashion.”

Another Twitter user questioned her choice by tweeting, “Not sure wearing a Mr. Whippy poo on your head is entirely appropriate for a Royal church visit.” Just a simple, “Meghan Markle wore an elegant poo emoji,” was also tweeted by yet another Twitter user.

The usual after-event critiquing, especially if Kate Middleton is in the group, has to do with how Kate presented herself, and she was wearing. Those comments usually bubble over with praise. This time around, despite Kate wearing a “plaid coat,” it appears all eyes were on Meghan’s head.

LAD Bible was willing to give Meghan a save up against all those “fails” she received over her hat by saying, “After all, most of us can barely pull off a hat, let alone one that looks like a rude emoji – so if you’re someone who can wear a poo emoji on your head and still look pretty amazing, well, fair play really.”

So, where did that hat come from that was perched on Meghan’s head and how much did it set her back when buying the accessory being compared to a lump of human excrement in its cartoon form? According to the Daily Mail, “chocolate truffle of a hat – designer as yet unknown.” No one has come forth to claim the creation causing all the stir today for Meghan’s fashion choice. Although the Daily Mail folks were much kinder with their words by comparing Meghan’s choice of headgear to a desert, rather than poop.

The Daily Mail also suggests that getting her outfit together for her first Christmas with the Royal Family was a situation that “appeared to have gone to Meghan Markle’s head yesterday — in the shape of a Christmas pudding-inspired hat, complete with curved chocolate tuile on the side.” Again, the comment was much kinder than the poo emoji.