Longtime Magic Kingdom Attraction Reportedly Closing Forever Next Week

There are always so many rumors going around about what may or may not happen at Walt Disney World, and a lot of them never happen, but then again, some do. A lot of speculation has been going around about Stitch’s Great Escape in Magic Kingdom, and it has even undergone some changes, but it has been able to hang on. If you enjoy that attraction, though, you will want to get in one more go as it may not be around much longer.

Stitch’s Great Escape went to seasonal operation back in September of 2016, and it has only been open during busier times of the year. For the most part, it has sat completely inoperative, but a few months ago, it turned into a character greeting area for “Experiment 626” as well.

Now, it may end up being done away with entirely, and it could happen as soon as next week. According to a report from WDWNT, Stitch’s Great Escape will end up closing forever at the end of its current seasonal operating run, which will hit its completion after Jan. 6, 2018, comes to a close.

Over the last 14 months or so, Stitch’s Great Escape has continued to open during busier times and close when it slows down, but this looks like it could be the end of the experiment.

magic kingdom walt disney world stitch's great escape closing forever

There have been many rumors regarding this Tomorrowland attraction, and they gained steam when it went seasonal last year. Everyone thought that an announcement of some kind would be made at the D23 Expo in July, but that simply didn’t end up happening.

A lot of speculation started going around that Stitch’s Great Escape would close down and be gutted to become a brand new attraction based on Wreck-It Ralph. The rumors were even so strong that it was revealed that the new ride would be a virtual reality racing game of some sort, but that hasn’t proven to be true either.

Ever since becoming what it is today back in late 2004, the ride has been met with love and criticism. That is much in the same way that the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was regarded for years in Tomorrowland, as well, but it eventually got the boot.

Disney has not officially said anything regarding Stitch’s Great Escape, and they likely won’t until they’re ready to do so. As things currently stand, this is still just another rumor regarding the Magic Kingdom attraction and needs to be treated as such but could the speculation be true? Yes; anything is possible, and if you’re visiting Walt Disney World this week, you may want to get in one last experience with “Experiment 626” before it goes away forever.