‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Director Explains Why They Cut The Treblemaker Boys From The New Movie

Lisa Maree WilliamsGetty Images

The third and final Pitch Perfect movie has been released in theaters, and while the girls that audiences have come to know and love are back for one last adventure together, there are a few familiar faces missing this time around. For fans of the movies, the Treblemakers, the all-boy singing group that often competed against the Bellas, have been a fun part of the story, even as the boys have become secondary to the girls and their journey. However, in Pitch Perfect 3, those familiar faces are absent, and now director Trish Sie is explaining why fans will not be seeing Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, and Adam Devine reprising their roles as Jesse, Benji, and Bumper, respectively.

According to a report from Cinema Blend, Trish Sie explained that the main purpose behind the third Pitch Perfect movie is to watch the Bellas as they move on with their lives after their college days. Although she does not rule out the idea of the girls reconnecting with the boys of the Treblemakers in the future, it will not happen during this movie. As Sie pointed out, the purpose of the film was to show how the Bellas are moving on with their lives, and in real life, “a lot of people don’t end up with their college boyfriend.”

Although the movie is certainly not a depiction of what real life is like, Trish Sie said, “[W]e wanted it to be about them and their independence and finding their way in the world and moving ahead alone.”


In Pitch Perfect 3, the Bellas are essentially working toward a fresh start in their lives, and so is the film itself. However, while the director fully supported the storyline leaving Skylar Astin, Ben Platt, and Adam Devine out, she did share that when she actually came to the project initially, there was already a script in place that had made the decision to have the story be about the girls on their own.

While Trish Sie said that she could have fought harder to have the guys brought back, even in a cameo role, she did not actually disagree with the decision to leave them out of the final chapter. Plus, not only was there scheduling issues to consider, but there was also the fact that when filming was happening on Pitch Perfect 3, Ben Platt was busy working on Broadway, in the play Dear Evan Hansen.

Although fans of the Pitch Perfect movies will not get to see the Treblemakers one last time when they head to theaters to see the third movie in the series, audiences will still get to see all the ladies they have come to know and love. Even without relationships for some of the girls to deal with, in terms of the boys in their lives, there is plenty to appreciate when it comes to the story of the Bellas and their lives now that college is over.