Kurt Angle Congratulates Jason Jordan After Tag Team Championship Win On ‘WWE Raw’ [Video]


It has been quite the ride for Jason Jordan over the past few years. After a team with Tye Dillinger that did not go well, he found chemistry with Chad Gable, and the two formed a partnership. Initially starting off as heels, Gable and Jordan became so popular that they would eventually turn babyface and feud with The Revival over the NXT Tag Team Championship. The duo would win the titles at NXT TakeOver: Dallas during WrestleMania 32 weekend, before losing a couple of months later.

The two would join the SmackDown Live roster and continue their success. Although they had a big win over The Wyatt Family to win the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships and keep the title for a little under three months, they were not as popular on the main roster. Moreover, Gable started to compete in single’s matches while Jordan accompanied him on some occasions.

Jordan would surprisingly end up on Raw, revealed as the son of Kurt Angle. This would almost immediately sour the crowd, and his ovations were less than favorable. In fact, he would receive some of the most heated reactions on the roster while competing against top names such as John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, and Braun Strowman. WWE even tried to pair him with Matt Hardy while Jeff was out with an injury, but it did not help his popularity much.

While injuries are never something to hope for, as Jordan mentioned on the previous episode of Raw, Angle gave him an opportunity to team with Seth Rollins and replace the injured Dean Ambrose to compete against the tag champions, Sheamus and Cesaro. After a hard-fought match, the makeshift team of Rollins and Jordan won their first tag championship together as a team.


Following the match, the Raw General Manager would come out to the ring and embrace his son, as well as celebrate with him and Rollins.


Regarding why Jordan was chosen to be a replacement for Ambrose, the Wrestling Observer is stating that WWE wanted to go with the original plan to be a top babyface for now. However, according to the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, Jordan will most likely eventually turn on Rollins and officially turn heel. However, this is not expected to happen suddenly, as plans are being materialized for WrestleMania 34.