Trump Thinks He Deserves More Credit Than Media Is Willing To Share -- CNN Theorizes Trump 'Is Probably Right'

Roz Zurko

Donald Trump believes he is not getting the credit due to him when it comes to the media and the President has let this be known in his recent tweets. CNN suggests that "President Donald Trump is probably right: he doesn't get due credit for the volume of achievements he's stacked up during a tumultuous political year."

CNN explains why they see Trump as not getting the kudos that perhaps another president with these achievements would after only one year in office. People aren't judging Trump solely on the passing of bills, his executive orders signed, the promises he's kept from his campaign days, and the slashing of unwanted regulations, they suggest. If that were the case, then he might see some glorious headlines.

It's Trump's "personality" and "conduct" that is dictating how people perceive this president after his 11 months in office, cites CNN. Before Trump started his Christmas vacation on Friday, he took a swat at the media in a few tweets regarding his accomplishments and their lack of acknowledging them. His tweets and his rallies are often the places Trump uses to give himself a shout out for his own success since stepping into the driver's seat at the White House.

If you have been watching TV recently, you have probably seen the commercial, "Thank you, President Trump!" This ad is thanking Trump for bringing the word "Christmas" back to the holidays, as in "Merry Christmas." Trump considers bringing the word "Christmas" back as one of his accomplishments so far during his presidency.

The commercial was created by Trump's campaign aides who started a non-profit agency "America First Policies," which is dedicated to promoting Trump's agenda as the president, according to USA Today. You can watch the video at the top of this article.

The commercial offers quick clips of people described as "everyday Americans" and each is thanking President Trump for bringing Christmas back to the holiday. This is an accomplishment that Trump prides himself on especially due to the usage of "Happy Holidays" under the previous administration. This isn't the media offering thanks, but the commercial will reach millions of people, just as it would if the media were the ones to report on Trump's success after successfully pushing to bring the word "Christmas" back into the holidays.

Trump's tweets on Friday seem to indicate that he is feeling the neglect of the press to celebrate these accomplishments, suggests CNN. The tweets are seen below.

CNN is willing to make a link to the lack of media reports on Trump's accomplishments with his behavior and conduct. But it is not willing to say this is the only aspect blocking the media touting Trump's triumphant first year. Is there more to Trump's falling approval rating and the media not recognizing his accomplishments?

For this, they point to Trump's "personality," "temperament," and "behavior," which is often conveyed through his tweets and in some cases, what the President retweets. They suggest that Trump "has sought discord rather than attempted to heal aggravated feelings." Examples offered up regarding this are the retweets of anti-Muslim videos, which raised fury earlier this year.

Another example offered by CNN is Trump's blaming both protestors and white supremacists for the violence in Charlottesville, Virgina, this year. Another CNN article describes Trump's approach to this violence as Trump blaming "both sides of the conflict -- equating the white supremacists on one side with the "alt-left" on the other side -- after his top White House aides spent days trying to clean up after Trump's initial vague response to the violence."

It is episodes such as the two examples given above that doesn't do much for someone who was on the fence about Trump. With these actions, he is more apt to "alienate anyone who has yet to make up their mind on Trump," suggests CNN. The firing and leaks coming out of the White House have painted a portrait of an administration that can't "get out of its own way."