Mother And Stepdad Kept Horrifying Pictures Of Them Abusing 3-Year-Old Boy

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A mother and stepfather reportedly kept sickening photos of a 3-year-old boy as they abused him.

Miranda Miller and Stephen Bodine are presently facing federal charges for the death of the 3-year-old boy, Evan Brewer. The Daily Mail is reporting that the horrifying images were found in a Google email address,

According to investigators, the photos were taken with WardenCam, an app that converts handheld devices like tablets and smartphones to security devices by triggering their cameras when they sense motion.

One photograph shows the little boy reportedly standing naked with a belt around his neck. Another image allegedly shows his mother spanking his bare buttocks on a bed and yelling at him for moving around. Another photograph allegedly shows the 3-year-old standing naked with a chain tightened around his neck, standing on a piece of cardboard hoisted on wooden pallets.

Evan was last seen alive by his biological father, Carlo Brewer, in March 2017 when he allegedly saw his young son with a broken nose. Carlo Brewer reported the incident to a social worker, who questioned Miller about it. The social worker was told that Evan was out visiting relatives.

Carlo also told the police about his suspicions and they went to the Miller’s residence but had no contact with Miller or Bodine, as no one answered the door. In July, Carlo Brewer was awarded full custody of his son, but police did nothing to enforce the ruling, other than spending a month pinning notices on Miller’s door that she should hand over the boy.


In August, the couple was moving out and a concerned neighbor called the police. The pair was arrest but refused to reveal the whereabouts of Evan and held for breaching the custody order.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Evan’s body was found when the landlord went to clean up his property the following month. Landlord Dwayne Haukap noticed a smell coming from a sealed concrete block and immediately knew it was the smell of a decomposing body.

Police found Evan’s body encased in a slab of concrete in a laundry room.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the couple dealt and used drugs. According to a mutual friend who spoke to police, Bodine had even allowed men to molest his daughters from a previous relationship in return for drugs.

Bodine’s former wife revealed that he was abusive and extremely violent and tried on three occasions to drown one of his daughters.