'Little People, Big World' Family Spends Christmas With Matt Roloff

It's certainly the most wonderful time of the year for Matt Roloff, who was happy to spend Christmas with his children and grandbabies. The Little People, Big World star missed Thanksgiving celebrations with his family last month, but he made sure to be home for Christmas.

Matt posted a wonderful family photo on his social media accounts, accompanied by a lengthy but heartfelt caption. Although he did not mention why, the 56-year-old LPBW patriarch shared that he really wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit these past few years. But everything turned around this year because of the birth of his two grandchildren--7-month-old little Jackson, and 3-month-old baby Ember--who he calls "the biggest blessing one little man can ever have."

"Our Christmas has been amazing so far," Matt Roloff shared.

"After being a bit out of the full Christmas spirit the past few years, this Christmas brought on a full new meaning with the Roloff family expansion of our two new precious gifts of life."
In the picture, the proud grandpa is seen seated at the center, with baby Jackson on his lap. He is surrounded by his two eldest children, Zach and Jeremy, and their wives Tori and Audrey. Jeremy and Audrey's baby Ember is being carried by Matt's girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.Matt Roloff also detailed his holiday festivities, starting with a "lively family celebration" at his home a few nights ago. He excitedly revealed that this was all filmed and may be included in the upcoming new season of Little People, Big World. On Christmas morning, Zach's and Jeremy's families came to his house so the babies could open their gifts.
"How fun to celebrate Christ's birth for the very first time with these two bundles of pure joy. I am truly blessed!"
He also stated that he received greetings from his two other children, Molly and Jacob. Molly now lives in Spokane, Washington, with her husband Joel. Jacob is currently traveling in Iceland with his girlfriend Isabel.

Many LPBW fans commented on Matt's post and asked why Amy Roloff wasn't part of his family celebrations. After all, Matt and Amy still live at the Roloff Farms despite their divorce.



While Amy may have chosen to celebrate Christmas separately, she and Matt have learned to remain friends. In fact, Matt mentioned in his post that his ex-wife sent him a "wonderful cheerful Christmas blessing."

Matt ended his post by encouraging his thousands of followers who may not be feeling the spirit to celebrate. With all the challenges he has encountered in the past, Matt shared that he also went through that phase. Thankfully, the Little People, Big World family has seemed to overcome their difficult time and is now stronger than ever.

"Things do get better to those that stay strong and keep your faith. It's my wish and hope for you, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, or whether you're feeling a bit humbug this year...that you will accept some love from our house to yours!"
The Roloffs are expected to return to television next year with a brand-new season of Little People, Big World on TLC.