NBA Power Rankings

1. Boston Celtics- they are taking 19.3 3 point shots a game, and making 40% of them

2. Los Angeles Lakers- Still getting it done without Andrew Bynum and Paul Gasol

3. Phoenix Suns- Depth seemed like a problem, but they are solid off the bench

4. Atlanta Hawks- Jamal Crawford is averaging 18 points per game

5. Denver Nuggets- Carmelo put up 30 points in back to back games and his average dropped

6. Miami Heat- Michael Beasley has done a great job as a starter

7. Orlando Magic- It looks like a slew of injuries is starting to catch up to this team

8. Dallas Mavericks- Starting to look legit

9. Houston Rockets- This team is scrappy

10. Portland Trailblazers- 3 guard lineup has the Blazers running and scoring

11. Chicago Bulls- Losing Tyrus Thomas hurts an already thin front court

12. Cleveland Cavaliers- They need to get their act together

13. Oklahoma City Thunder- 7 of next 9 on the road

14. Milwaukee Bucks- If Michael Redd can return and get back to his normal production this is a dangerous team

15. San Antonio Spurs- is Ginobili done, or just rusty?

16. Toronto Raptors- No defense to speak of, but a great offense

17. Charlotte Bobcats- they score 95 ppg, shoot 38% and are .500 for the year

18. Detroit Pistons- Many injuries are forcing them to develop new players quickly

19. Philadelphia 76ers- They cannot score from the perimeter

20. Utah Jazz- They give up 100 points every night

21. New Orleans Hornets- James Posey has not made this team a contender

22. Los Angeles Clippers- Still the other team playing at the Staples Center

23. Indiana Pacers- Can the beat the Celtics?

24. Washington Wizards- They seem to have lost their focus

25. Sacramento Kings- Donte Greene has to step up

26. Golden State Warriors- They play no defense at all

27. Minnesota Timberwolves- They are young, but Al Jefferson is struggling

28. New York Knicks- The players seem to think this is a throw away season

29. Memphis Grizzlies- Allen Iverson was a rally bad idea

30. New Jersey Nets- Courtney Lee is shooting just 31.4%