December 25, 2017
Lainie Kazan Shoplifting Arrest: 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' Star Allegedly Made Run For Car With $180 In Food

You might not know Laine Kazan's name right off the bat, but you will certainly recognize her face and her voice, as she is a character actor who lights up the screen with her energy. Kazan, one of the main characters in one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies to come out of Hollywood, was arrested on Christmas Eve for stealing $180 worth of food from a supermarket, reports Fox News.

Who can forget the loud and somewhat obnoxious mother-in-law-to-be in the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding and in the sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Her role as Mama Portokalos was a memorable one for sure.

Kazan, who is 77-years-old, was stopped at her car by a Gelson's Supermarket employee after walking out of the store with the allegedly shoplifted food. The police were called and she was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday, which was Christmas Eve.

While this Brooklyn-born actress rocketed to fame in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, she had many roles besides Mama Portokalos. Many of those roles saw Kazan playing a similar character to the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Lainie Kazan close up

Kazan was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role in My Favorite Year. Back in 1988, Kazan's guest role in St. Elsewhere got her nominated for an Emmy. She was also nominated for a Tony Award for Best Featured Actress for her role in My Favorite Year.

According to reports, Kazan told police she had no money and that she was destitute, which is why she took the food. She was released without bail after being arrested for petty theft, according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily Mail offered up a few more details about Kazan's arrest. They report that she was seen by an employee putting food into the reusable bags while still in the store. They also report that "she tried making a run for her car," but the employee from the store caught up with her.

The Gelson's Supermarket that was the scene of Kazan's arrest is located in San Fernando Valley, California. Her reported motive was that she just didn't have any money.