December 25, 2017
James Comey Placed Strategic 'Hidden Message' In Christmas Tree Photo, Claims Twitter Users

Former FBI Director James Comey looks very comfortable sitting in an easy chair in front of a Christmas tree at home, which is the picture he posted to Twitter on Christmas Eve. You only see the back of his head, and it appears he is reading something as he faces his tree with an abundance of Christmas gifts shown beneath the festively decorated tree.

It appears he tweeted this picture to pass along his Christmas wish to all, saying, "Our tree is ready. May we all get and give a little more kindness this Christmas. No matter what you believe or think, I wish you peace."

While the picture could be seen as a rather generic Christmas tree in a rather generic home, the online world believes they may have found another meaning hidden within the festive decor of the season.

Twitter users went right to the coffee mug sitting on the table beside Comey for their comments, and the tweets started to flow. Many saw that coffee mug as something Comey may have strategically placed before the picture was taken, according to

The cup is situated so the logo is in full view of the camera shot. Several Twitter users offered kudos to Comey for using social media to plant a prop, while others are leaving nasty comments about the former FBI director looking for "attention."

This hasn't been a good Christmas weekend for Comey when it comes to the headlines. Donald Trump has mentioned him on Twitter over the weekend, and it wasn't in a good light. The media has picked up on Trump's tweets, putting Comey in the headlines once again.
According to Business Insider, President Trump "unloaded" on the former FBI director James Comey over the weekend by making accusations that Comey is a "leaker," which is seen in Trump's tweet above. At the same time he was poking Comey, Trump put a dig in for Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. Trump repeated the accusations that McCabe's wife accepted donations from Hillary Clinton at the same time the investigation over Hillary's email use was going on.

The "mug placement" in Comey's Christmas tree tweet is referenced over and over again in tweets and posts on social media today. Some of those tweets are seen below.