December 25, 2017
Trump Says He Stopped 'Assault' On Saying Merry Christmas, So Here's All The Times Obama Said Merry Christmas

Donald Trump claims that he led the charge in the fight to make it okay to say Merry Christmas again.

Who exactly he is fighting against is not clear, but it certainly was not Barack Obama.

On Christmas Eve, Donald Trump took a break from tweeting conspiracy theories about the FBI to take credit for making it all right to say "Merry Christmas" again. It's not clear when it wasn't okay to say that, but apparently Trump is very proud of the work he's done to identify the holiday by name.

"People are proud to be saying Merry Christmas again. I am proud to have led the charge against the assault of our cherished and beautiful phrase," Trump tweeted.

Trump's tweet brought some elated responses from his followers, including many who expressed pride to have a president willing to say "Merry Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Kwanzaa" or whatever it is they think people said before Trump took office.

Those people may have zoned out a bit over the last eight years that Barack Obama was in office. Trump's predecessor frequently said "Merry Christmas" in his holiday greetings, both formally through White House statements and informally. So, as a reminder, here is a clip that Slate put together of all the times Barack Obama said "Merry Christmas."

Obama often wrote "Merry Christmas" on his Twitter messages as well.

Trump must have missed those greetings as well. Throughout his campaign for president, Trump claimed that he would bring back the phrase Merry Christmas if he were elected.

"The word Christmas — I love Christmas, I love Christmas — you go to stores now and you don't see the word Christmas, it says 'Happy Holidays,'" Trump said at the Values Voter Summit in September, 2015, as reported by BizPac Review. "Remember the expression 'Merry Christmas'? You don't see it anymore. You're going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now."

The so-called "War on Christmas" had been a popular talking point for Fox News, which happens to be one of Donald Trump's favorite networks. As the Harvard Business review noted, Fox News for years has been calling out companies that say "Happy Holidays" in greetings and making claims that liberals are trying to squash any references to Christmas itself.

Apparently, according to Donald Trump, the War on Christmas is now over -- thanks to himself, of course.