Stray Bullet Kills Six-Year-Old After Texas Police Open Fire On Suspect

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A community is Texas will spend Christmas weekend grappling with what police are referring to as a “tragic accident,” after six-year-old Kameron Prescott was killed by a stray bullet from inside of his home.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Kameron Prescott was in his mobile home when police opened fire on 30-year-old Amanda Jones who was wanted for several crimes – including car theft. The Bexar County deputies had reportedly spent the last two hours chasing her for several crimes before cornering her on the porch of a mobile home she had forced her way inside of. Six-year-old Kameron Prescott was discovered to be inside of the trailer. Deputies reportedly had no idea anyone was in the home at the time of the incident.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, the four deputies opened fire on Amanda Jones after believing the woman was armed. Salazar notes no weapons were found on the suspect, who also died after being shot.

CNN notes a stray bullet pierced a wall inside of the mobile home before lodging into the six-year-old’s abdomen. When officers discovered the child inside, they immediately removed him from the home and tried to help him. The boy was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sheriff Javier Salazar notes his deputies that were on the scene – as well as his entire police force – are shaken up by what happened. He notes any police officer in this situation would be, as the death of an innocent six-year-old is especially tragic.

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“The deputies are, of course, understandably shaken up. Officer-involved shootings are traumatic enough. Add to this the death of an innocent 6-year-old, and it’s that much more troubling.”

Shanda Ince, Kameron’s first grade-teacher, told KSAT she wondered if the tragic event could have been avoided if things had happened a little differently that day. The teacher went on to note how the children had a half day that day instead of a full day. The teacher couldn’t help but wonder if her student would still be alive if they had had a full day of school.


The four Texas deputies who were on scene and opened fire on the woman – John Aguillon, George Herrera, Jesse Arias and Johnny Longoria – are on administrative leave pending an investigation. After watching body cam footage and reading reports, Sheriff Javier Salazar believes his deputies were following policies.


According to CNN, those who knew Kameron Prescott claimed he was a “kind soul” and a “ball of energy” who “loved everyone.” Rest in peace Kameron Prescott.