Meghan Markle Is Not Getting Overwhelmed By Royal Etiquette Ahead Of Her Wedding To Prince Harry [Debunked]

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Meghan Markle is struggling with royal etiquette ahead of her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Learning the royal rules has become so overwhelming that she has had to ask her husband-to-be and Queen Elizabeth for help. That’s the claim coming from a recent article on Hollywood Life. Their alleged palace insider has “disclosed” that Meghan is just realizing how much she has to learn about her new role in the British royal family.

“Meghan has been on this crazy fairy tale romance rollercoaster, and it’s only just starting to sink in quite how different her life will be from now on,” their reported source said.

They added that the former Suits actress has to learn a lot of little customs that can seem insignificant to a regular person. Hollywood Life goes on to say that the royal pre-Christmas luncheon was difficult for Meghan because of all of these ancient conventions.

But Gossip Cop is on the case and they say that the story from Hollywood Life is a fake news story that has sensationalized the fact that Meghan is an outsider who is new to the royal experience. Gossip Cop, a site that’s known for debunking celebrity rumors, has been told by their source that Prince Harry’s grandmother is not helping the Los Angeles native to learn how to adjust to her new life.

Furthermore, Hollywood Life does not have a great reputation when it comes to reporting credible news stories about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The site recently published an article claiming that the couple is arguing over a prenuptial agreement. Their reporting was based on an article in Life & Style which said that the queen was the one who was demanding the prenup. Meghan was reportedly devastated by the request because it meant that the 91-year-old regent thought she had “an ulterior motive” for marrying Harry.

But Gossip Cop debunked this story as well. They report that the story was manufactured by OK! Magazine and was picked up by Hollywood Life and Life & Style. Gossip Cop’s insider source has said that the story is untrue. They also note that there is no evidence that a British royal has ever signed a prenuptial agreement in recent memory.

A British family lawyer confirmed this to Us Weekly. Prince Charles and Prince William never signed one, so there’s no reason to believe that Harry will be forced to do so by senior members of the royal family.