Kim Kardashian Allegedly Disses Beyonce, Taylor Swift In Private As Ego Gets Out Of Control [Rumor]

Evans Vestal WardGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has developed an ego of no other in Hollywood, it has been alleged.

According to In Touch, the reality star has made quite the transformation from just a couple of years ago when, as the source claims, Kim Kardashian was very humble and sweet.

These days, the publication claims that Kim’s ego has skyrocketed and everything has to be about her — if someone is getting more attention than her, particularly in the Kardashian household, the mother of three will throw a tantrum in any given moment.

Kim believes that Hollywood revolves around her, the insider stresses, and with her businesses having done so well, she feels the world is her paradise and everybody just happens to live in her world.

Just a couple of years ago, there was a drastic contrast between Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, who is famously known for having a big ego, but it seems that the reality star has rubbed off on her man’s behavior because she’s showing similar traits, it’s been said.

If it’s not about her, Kim isn’t interested in sparking or holding a conversation with someone, but it gets worse to then find out that the socialite thinks she’s competing with the likes of Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

The two artists receive a heavy amount of press on a daily basis, and since Kim Kardashian reportedly believes that she’s the most famous person in the world, she can’t stand the thought of someone taking away her shine, Gossip Cop cites the source saying, before questioning the insider’s credibility.

Sources tell In Touch that Kim constantly bashes Taylor and Beyonce to her friends and family members. In public, she can put up a front and act like she likes them, but if anyone comes in the way of Kim Kardashian getting press, she will instantly let it be known that she’s not cool with those people.

Friends that have known Kim for years have become sick and tired of her behavior in recent months, stressing that her ego has gotten out of control, and the only thing they can do at this point is to hope that she gets her attitude in check.

Some of Kim Kardashian’s pals have gone as far as to walk out of her life, saying that if she doesn’t change, they no longer want anything to do with her.