Carrie Prejean tries to divert attention from sex tape by talking about it on national TV

Carrie Prejean went on Today this morning to promote encourage people to ignore her sex tape, TYVM.

The footage on the Prejean sex tape, a solo performance by the disgraced beauty queen with a special talent for hateration, was reportedly used by pageant officials to stop Prejean’s lawsuit against the Miss California pageant. Pageant officials wanted their money back from the mouthy contestant for her boob job, but their suit as well as Prejean’s counterclaim has been dropped- ostensibly because of the existence of the tape. In a nice screw-you touch, it’s said that in talks the footage was played in front of Prejean’s mother. Burn.

Prejean also heavily implied on Today that the contents of the tape are child porn, made while she was 17 for a boyfriend and the “biggest mistake of (her) life.” TMZ has a clip of Prejean’s Today appearance, where Prejean explains that people are interested in her sex tape not because the internet public has an insatiable hunger for sex tapes, but because people want to silence her for liking opposite marriage.