Christmas Episodes Of ‘Call The Midwife’ And ‘Last Tango In Halifax’ On PBS For The Holidays


Over the Christmas holiday, PBS will be showing a Christmas special of the series Call the Midwife, and Part 2 of the holiday episode of Last Tango in Halifax. Both shows will give fans a chance to check in with some of their favorite characters after a long wait and bring viewers up to speed. The two shows provide something for everyone over the holiday weekend as Call the Midwife provides something for those who love historical drama, while the Last Tango In Halifax holiday special will appeal to fans of modern British shows.

Special Episodes of Call the Midwife and Last Tango In Halifax Will Air Over Christmas

Most episodes of both Call the Midwife and Last Tango In Halifax can be streamed on Netflix, but neither holiday episode is streaming at this time. While BBC has started filming the next season of Call the Midwife, there is not a date yet for a new season of Last Tango In Halifax, and so the holiday special will have to tide fans over for a while.

Fans of Last Tango In Halifax had a momentary panic after Halifax star Derek Jacobi was asked if there would be a Season 5 of Last Tango In Halifax.

“No, I’m afraid it’s not. We did a Christmas special last Christmas, which we thought was the beginning of another series, but no. She’s written out, she’s writing so many things. She’s a wonderful writer, but she’s got so much work that Tango is finished.”

Last Tango In Halifax Will Get A Season 5

But when BBC heard what Jacobi said, they corrected him, saying that yes, writer Sally Wainright has a full plate, but she will circle back to Last Tango In Halifax as soon as she can.

“Sally is presently engaged with another BBC project, but has every intention of revisiting Last Tango when she is able to.”


Christmas On Call The Midwife Provides Hope

The LA Times’ Mary McNamara says that the Call the Midwife Christmas special is always a seasonal favorite, and since Downton Abbey wrapped up, Call the Midwife is no longer the PBS ugly stepsister. While Downton Abbey was always opulent, Call the Midwife can show a harder side of life, which could be sometimes “Dickensian.”

This year’s Call the Midwife Christmas special takes place during the “Big Freeze” of 1962-63 which saw more snow and cold weather than had been seen in two hundred years. Blizzards brought frozen pipes, increased deaths, and harder work for the midwives who struggled to get to their patients.

But the ultimate theme of Call the Midwife is always that hope and friendship always prevail over all adversity, and this is never truer than on the Christmas special.


Part 2 Of The Last Tango In Halifax Holiday Special Airs Tonight

On Part 2 of the Last Tango In Halifax holiday special, viewers will find that Caroline has moved house, and moved closer to where Gillian lives with her family. Caroline had told the family that she got a better position at a new school in a rural location, and so she purchased a farmhouse. But that’s not the full story, and tonight Caroline will finally confess and explain what really happened.

Gillian is still obsessed with death and ghosts, and her father Alan will finally sit her down to have a difficult conversation.