A 63-Year-Old Man Had So Many Prostate Orgasms That Someone Wrote A Research Paper About It

Christopher Bernard Istock

The prostate orgasm is an experience that hasn’t been studied that much by scientists in the lab. But we do know that they can deliver sexual pleasure to men when their prostate gland is stimulated. A 63-year-old man started to have them continuously, so a British researcher wrote a case study to gain more insight into why they happen.

The subject of the study was a healthy senior citizen whose almost constant prostate orgasms started when he was trying to recover from a prostate infection. To relieve the discomfort on his prostate gland, he purchased an Aneros Helix, a high-end butt plug.

His use of the Aneros Helix had an unexpected effect: he started regularly having intense prostate orgasms. As Gizmodo reported, he was also taking an erectile dysfunction medication at the time. The experience was addictive, but he soon realized that he was having these orgasms even when he wasn’t using the sex toy. As the paper says, this indicates that his brain was “re-wired” so that the toy became unnecessary for him to experience pleasure.

According to Gizmodo, the constant orgasms became a problem when they started to activate an old neck injury that he had sustained years ago. After some effort on his part, he was able to re-wire his brain again so that the “non-stimulatory” orgasms would stop for a couple of months.

Researcher Roy Levin gained some insight into prostate orgasms, as a result of the study. Firstly, they tend to be more intense than regular male orgasms, also known as penile orgasms, he says. It also further illustrates the important role that the prostate gland plays when it comes to male sexual pleasure. Loss of the prostate gland due to radical prostatectomy has been linked to male sexual dysfunction, according to a paper that appears in the March 2017 edition of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. But there’s little to no scientific research into the brain rewiring that the 63-year-old experienced besides some anecdotes from men who claim that the same thing happened to them.

The full text of the prostate orgasm case study can be found in the January 2018 issue of the journal, Clinical Anatomy.