New Social Network Launched … For Cats

You’ve probably seen them, and perhaps even “liked” them on Facebook, but pet pages are around if you look hard enough. Well, cats are about to get their turn at a social network that’s all about them. Kinda makes you think the Egyptians were on to something.

Have you ever caught your feline stealing jealous glances at your laptop screen? Do you ever wonder why they sometimes sleep on the keyboard? Turns out they’re not trying to catch your attention or sneak heat from your lap. All they actually want is for you to get off Facebook so they can have their turn.

OK, that’s a lie, but the world’s smartest and often funniest pets are quite due for their own social network. Thanks to developers in Malaysia, they just may have landed the opportunity they craved.

The site is called Catmoji, the brainchild of Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo Wan Koe.

The Penang-based programmers told Betabeat:

“We want to be Facebook for cats.”

Realistically, the site resembles Pinterest more than it does Facebook.

Then again, a picture and video-based social network just makes sense when cats are your subject. None of that pesky text that plagues sites such as Catster or United Cats. Given the universal appeal of cats, that’s probably for the best. Catmoji does offer the option to tag and filter cat pics according to their emotion, says Yahoo News.

So the next time Fluffy turns his nose up at Lolcats, show him to Catmoji and let him take a whirl.