New Duggar Family Member Tyler Plays In The Snow As Michelle Duggar Shows Off Her Beachwear

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While some members of the Duggar family were frolicking in the snow, others were soaking up the sun on a tropical beach. Because Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decided to spend a few days in the Bahamas ahead of the holidays, the Counting On stars missed out on getting to watch their kids make the most of the small amount of snow that recently blanketed their property in Springdale, Arkansas.

On Saturday, Josiah Duggar took to Instagram to share a photo of his adopted brother Tyler playing in the snow. Josiah is the only unmarried member of the Duggar family who has been allowed the privilege of having his own social media account, but the 21-year-old Counting On star rarely posts images on his Instagram page. This is likely why his latest photo was met with so much enthusiasm from Duggar fans.

In the image, 9-year-old Tyler is admiring a tiny snowman that has been created from the snow accumulated on the hood of one of the Duggar family’s vehicles.

“We got a dusting of snow this morning!” Josiah captioned the photo. “Ty likes the little hood top snowman.”

Fans also appreciated the wintry art.

“Awwww so cute!! hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!” wrote one of Josiah’s Instagram followers.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar consider Tyler their “20th child.” He’s actually their great-nephew, but the couple adopted him late last year. According to Romper, Michelle Duggar’s niece, Rachel, has been unable to care for Tyler due to financial issues and legal troubles. The little boy temporarily lived with Rachel’s mother Carolyn, who is also Michelle’s sister. The Duggars decided to seek custody of Tyler after Carolyn suffered a stroke.

However, the Counting On stars aren’t always around to take care of the newest addition to their family; Jim Bob and Michelle recently headed to the Bahamas with their close friends, Gil and Kelly Bates. The Bringing Up Bates stars were celebrating their 30th anniversary wedding anniversary, and Jim Bob and Michelle scored an invite to join them by offering up the services of one of their family pilots, John David Duggar.

On Friday, a fan shared a photo of Jim Bob and Michelle that was taken on one of the islands’ white sandy beaches. As you can see, Michelle Duggar was covered up from her neck down to her feet. Her beachwear included a long-sleeved pink and gray T-shirt, a knee-length black skirt, calf-length black tights, black stockings, and black orthopedic shoes.


The images were posted on the Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page, which is usually critical of the Duggars. However, Pickles praised Michelle for daring to be different.

“I’m not posting this to shame Michelle as some will assume but quite the opposite. I am basking in the glory of her amazing courage. Her beachwear nonconformity is refreshing,” read the Facebook post.

“You know what, you go Michelle. If that’s what you wanna wear, so be it. Just stop expecting your family to agree once they are 18,” wrote another supporter of Michelle’s right to wear modest beach attire.

Michelle Duggar was staying true to her family’s religious convictions by choosing the beachwear that she did. In a TLC blog post, she revealed that she studied what scripture says about clothing and came to the conclusion that women should be covered “from the neck down to the knee.” She believes that this prevents men from having impure thoughts.