Christina Milian Spends Christmas In France With Violet, Matt Pokora

Christina Milian is taking a break from her home in California to spend Christmas 2017 with her new boyfriend, Matt Pokora, and she may have more than one reason to celebrate.

Matt Pokora is new to Christina Milian’s life, and may not have had a lot of time to spend with Christina Milian and her daughter, Violet, since he started his My Way Tour on March 3. Since that time, Matt Pokora has toured with 66 My Way Tour concert dates in nine months.

Thankfully, Christina Milian and Violet were just in time to celebrate with Matt Pokora since he recently finished his My Way Tour on December 17 in Toulouse, France.

Now that the hard work is over, Matt Pokora can spend some quality time with Christina Milian and her daughter, Violet, in France.

According to Christina Milian’s Instagram account, Violet has been having fun posing for pictures in Nice, France, for their winter wonderland display.

On top of relaxing after his My Way Tour by possibly spending time with Christina Milian and Violet, Matt Pokora also took time to tweet his own holiday message to his fans in France.

Christina Milian and Matt Pokora have been together for many months, but only revealed their relationship to the public a few months ago. While he is a celebrity and singer like Christina Milian, Matt Pokora is somewhat unknown to American audiences.

 Christina Milian is spending Christmas 2017 in France with boyfriend, Matt Pokora.

The exception is Matt Pokora’s notoriety for his work with The Voice, and, like Christina Milian, he is a talented entertainer and singer with a worldwide audience.

Despite this, Matt Pokora has been seen in America regularly because of his girlfriend, Christina Milian, and now that he is finished with touring, Americans might have a chance to see more of Matt Pokora.

For now, Matt Pokora and Christina Milian are in France and tweeting both American and French fans. For example, Christina Milian tweeted her American fans from France standing in front of a Christmas tree in Paris.

 Christina Milian with her daughter Violet in France for 2017 Christmas with Matt Pokora.

However, once the holidays are over, American fans of Christina Milian might get a chance to see more of Matt Pokora in 2018 through interviews or performances with his new girlfriend. Alternatively, Christina Milian might end up moving to France since she has spent most of December photographing herself at locations throughout the country.