Kourtney Kardashian Warning Sister Kylie Jenner To Ditch Travis Scott

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Kourtney Kardashian is rumored to be warning younger sister Kylie Jenner to dump hip-hop boyfriend Travis Scott before it’s too late.

Hollywood Life reports Jenner’s whole family is torn over what the reportedly pregnant, 20-year-old reality-TV star should do about Scott, rumored to be the father of the child.

“Kylie’s family doesn’t know what to do to help her,” said a source. “They’re all very divided over this. Kourtney is telling her to cut the guy out of her life, she says she can see the writing on the wall.”

Kardashian was infamously linked to ex-boyfriend Scott Disick for years and years, and the two had three young children together, before their on-again, off-again relationship seemingly flamed out for good amid widespread rumors of Disick’s rampant drug use and persistent infidelity.

Meanwhile, older sister Kim is reported to be torn over what her youngest sibling should do.

“Kim’s not so sure that’s the best idea,” the source added of Kylie ditching Scott. “He hates to think of Kylie raising this baby all alone.”

Sources add Jenner herself seems to fluctuate from one moment to the next over what direction she is leaning in.

“Kylie goes back and forth so much it’s hard to know what she’s thinking,” the source added. “One minute she’s saying she wants to end it with Travis and the next minute she’s planning the wedding.”

As for Disick, TMZ has reported he now appears to be trying to reel in wild ways, as his relationship with teenager Sofia Ritchie heats up.

Sources insist Disick has found a “real connection” with Lionel Ritchie’s 19-year-old daughter that has him ready to finally clean up his act.

Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly hoping to get pregnant
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Reportedly, Disick isn’t bothered by the age difference between the two and recently confided in friends that “Sofia has ‘been really good for me.'”

Throughout his time with Kardashian, Disick was often linked to other women and spent time in and out of several substance abuse treatment facilities.

The two were reported to have tried reconciling on numerous occasions before apparently going their own separate ways for good over the last few months. The 38-year-old Kardashian has more recently been linked to Younes Bendjima.