Barry Manilow Touring For Christmas, Despite Rumors He Is On The Verge Of A Health Crisis

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Barry Manilow is taking his Christmas tour across the country, despite the rumors that he is on the verge of a major health crisis. The music icon is set to perform in front of audiences in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles later this month. Is Manilow’s tour a sign that his health has dramatically improved?

Manilow Tours The Country

Manilow planned three stops for his A Very Barry Christmas tour. Manilow performed at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in New York, Chicago’s Allstate Arena, and will play at The Forum in L.A. later this month. Manilow will sing a variety of his Christmas songs as well as some of his most popular hits. With over 85 million of his albums sold across the globe, Manilow’s Christmas concerts are sure to attract a lot of fans. The only question is whether Manilow is up to the challenge of traveling across the country and performing for his loyal fans.

Manilow Isn’t Slowing Down

Manilow recently spoke about his Christmas tour and admitted that the shows are a big production. Not only does he sing a bunch of songs for each stop, but the shows also feature a cast of backup singers, including kids, high schoolers and even a choir to wrap things up. Manilow also gives most of the concert proceeds to over two dozen charities in Coachella Valley. If Manilow’s cross-country Christmas tour is successful, he says that he’s willing to try it again next year.

In addition to his Christmas tour, Manilow is also trying to secure a permanent residency at the Westgate hotel and casino in Las Vegas, which used to be the Hilton. A Las Vegas residency would be easier on Manilow as he wouldn’t have to travel nearly as much and would only perform two weekends out of every month.

Inside Manilow’s Health Crisis

Although it sounds like Manilow has his future completely mapped out, there are reports that he is on the verge of a major health crisis. In fact, Manilow was recently spotted with Garry Kief, his longtime manager, and current husband, and looked skinnier than ever. The sighting sparked concerns that Manilow, who has smoked his entire life, is battling cancer.

In fact, an inside source claims that the singer’s health has been compromised over the past year and that he isn’t too far from his deathbed. The insider didn’t go into specifics but claimed that Manilow’s health problems stem from his constant smoking habit.

Manilow Suffers Health Scare

To add more fuel to the cancer rumors, Manilow was forced to cancel a few shows this year. The singer cited injured vocal cords for the cancellations, though fans were quick to speculate that something more serious was afoot.

In 2016, Manilow was sent to the hospital following an emergency oral surgery gone wrong. The scare occurred a month after Manilow had a heart attack inside his mansion in Palm Springs. Manilow survived his health ordeal and appeared to be doing better this year.

Barry Manilow has not commented on the reports surrounding his health.