Kate Middleton Has Reportedly ‘Struggled More Than Ever’ While Pregnant With Baby No 3

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William are thrilled about having their third child together — but not everything is going as planned. Middleton reportedly suffered from severe bouts of morning sickness in her first trimester of pregnancy, making this baby the hardest she’s ever carried.

Inside Middleton’s Battle With Morning Sickness

According to Daily Star, Middleton suffers from a rare sickness known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which she also had during her pregnancies with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. In her third pregnancy, however, the illness took a major toll on Middleton and even caused her to miss out on George’s first day of school.

An insider fortunately revealed that Middleton is doing much better now that she’s further along in the pregnancy and feels fine. The morning sickness, while difficult to endure early on, usually fades after the first trimester.

“[She is] enjoying her later months of pregnancy and feeling great,” an insider revealed. “It’s amazing what a difference the later trimesters feel like compared to the early days, which she struggled with more than ever this time.”

Did William And Middleton Reveal The Gender Of Baby No. 3?

Although William and Middleton have not revealed the gender of their third baby, Hollywood Life reports that the couple’s Christmas card may have revealed that they are expecting another boy. William and Middleton posed alongside George and Charlotte for the festive greeting card and fans quickly noticed that everyone in the family was sporting a shade of blue.

There is a possibility that the family was dropping a major hint about their coming baby, but it isn’t likely. After all, it is not out of the norm for the royals to coordinate colors for special occasions and they have favored blue in the past.

Further, William and Middleton still don’t know the gender of their third child. The couple usually waits until after the baby is born to find out. In fact, they didn’t announce the gender of George and Charlotte until well after they were born. There’s a chance that the pair is doing something different this time around, but that is a pretty big leap to make.

Middleton Will Give Birth Before Prince Harry’s Wedding

According to Express, Middleton is expected to have the baby sometime in April, about a month before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. William and Middleton will attend the royal wedding, which will also feature George and Charlotte as a pageboy and flower girl, respectively. They are not expected to bring along the baby, however, because they do not want to distract from Harry and Markle’s big day.

In addition to the gender mystery, William and Middleton have not commented on potential names for the baby, though they will probably pick something that has ties to the royal family’s vast history.

In the meantime, the entire royal family is getting ready to celebrate Christmas with Queen Elizabeth II at her royal estate. The royal family traditionally swaps presents on Christmas Eve and even Harry’s future wife will be in attendance for the festivities. While George and Charlotte will get a few gifts this year, Prince William and Kate Middleton have made it clear that they won’t be getting any electronics, especially iPads.