Poll: Donald Trump Lacking Support Of Most Voters In 2020 Reelection Run

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More than half of registered voters express in a new poll they “probably” will vote against President Donald Trump and for the Democratic candidate in 2020, no matter who that might be.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 38 percent of respondents indicated they definitely would not cast a vote for Trump and another 14 percent added they probably would pull the lever for any other democratic candidate.

By comparison, 36 percent of the 736 respondents polled said they would stand in support of a 2020 Trump reelection campaign, with 18 percent insisting they would definitely vote for him.

Even with that level of support, the percentage of voters aligning behind Trump has dropped by a full 10 percent after just one year in the White House.

Pollsters also compared Trump’s standing to the 1993 reelection prospects of former President Bill Clinton. Back then, a total of 42 percent of voters at least said they probably support Clinton, compared with 33 percent of voters who indicated they were leaning Republican.

Trump’s shaky standing comes despite the fact no known Democrat has formally launched a campaign against him. That, coupled with approval ratings where two-times as many voters (48 percent) express strong dissatisfaction with him than strong approval (24 percent) has many GOP supporters sounding the alarm.

Overall, 56 percent of voters indicated they disapprove of the job Trump has done in his first year, compared to 41 percent approval.

The bleak numbers put Trump on course to average historically low approval ratings for a first-year President. Pollsters also found just 21 percent of voters hold a very positive view of Trump, compared with 45 percent of voters at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Donald Trump polls.
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In addition, a recent Associated Press-NORC poll found that Trump is the most unpopular first-year president ever.

Pollsters found just 32 percent of voters expressed approval for Trump’s performance, while a staggering 67 percent disapproved.

Among Trump’s critics in the poll, more than half of the respondents added they “strongly disapprove” of his job performance.

In addition, seven in 10 respondents, or 70 percent of voters, said they believe the country is “headed in the wrong direction.”

Trump’s first year in the Oval Office has been dogged by strife, with his 2016 campaign election team still under heightened scrutiny over Russian meddling leading up to the election.