After-Christmas Sales 2017: Walmart, Target Start To Offer Some Of The Best Deals Of The Year On Clothing

The after-Christmas sales for 2017 are heating up, with stories like Walmart and Target offering deep year-end discounts in the hope of attracting some post-holiday shoppers.

The week after Christmas is one of the biggest of the year for sales, with retailers slashing prices to clear the unsold Christmas inventory off the shelves and attract shoppers to use the gift cards they just got in their stockings. This makes the after-Christmas sales some of the biggest of the year in certain areas, like clothing and some luxury items.

Shoppers can find a compilation of these after-Christmas sales on, which shows the stores slashing prices on certain items and gives online codes to purchase them. This includes some very deep price drops from Walmart and Target, though shopping experts note that not all deals are great after the holiday.

As The Balance noted, this is a great time to go after holiday items, which will usually start at around 50 percent off immediately after Christmas and drop to 75 or even 90 percent as the week goes on. Other retail experts note that this is a great time to look for clothing items, especially winter coats and boots. Other clothing traditionally goes on sale as well, with Time noting that December 26 is actually the best day of the entire year to go shopping for new clothes.

There are already discounts going up at Walmart, Target, and other major retailers on clothing and holiday items, but there are also some items to stay away from. As ABC 15 noted, shoppers looking to buy flat-screen televisions (especially 4K ones) will not find great prices just after Christmas. Instead, retailers will wait until close to the Super Bowl to offer deals on these televisions.

There are other items to avoid in after-Christmas sales. Other electronics like handheld gadgets, printers, and new laptops will also have to wait to go on sale, with discounts usually coming after the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January, the report added. And fitness items like treadmills or ellipticals normally go on sale just a bit later, with the best prices usually showing up after New Year's Day when people start their resolutions to get in shape.