Married Female Teacher Accused Of Sex With 17-Year-Old Did Nothing Wrong Because Boy ‘Wanted’ It, Says Defense

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According to authorities, a married female teacher had sexual relations with a teenage boy four times in 2016 by procuring or pressuring him to take part in an affair. Her defense team argues the charges against the woman should be dropped because the teen “wanted” to have sex with the high school teacher.

The educator, 31, and the 17-year-old boy allegedly had sex between March and May 2016, according to the Daily Mail. Locations where authorities say the two got together include a North Queensland, Australia, beach as well as the boy’s home.

Just days ago, the woman’s attorney, Sean Holt, appeared in a Townsville court asserting the 12th-grade student was over the age of consent, and there exists no evidence the teacher exploited him, reports the Daily Mail.

Holt informed the court the case against the teacher, at best, involves a teenage boy “describing sexual encounters which he plainly wanted” and “often initiated,” according to the Daily Mail. Holt added that although the woman was a teacher at the boy’s school, she was not his teacher and interaction between the two commenced in the school’s hallway.

According to Holt, the boy told police the teacher asked him if he would ever “sleep or have sex with a teacher,” to which the boy said he responded with “I don’t know” and then asked the woman if she would have sex with a student, the Daily Mail reports. The boy claimed the educator shrugged her shoulders as a response.


Holt noted the boy told police that not long after their interaction, the teacher contacted him and asked if he wanted to get together and have “fun,” according to the Daily Telegraph. The boy alleged the educator picked him up the next evening with a six-pack of beer in tow and they drove to a secluded spot. Holt argued the boy made the first move by touching the teacher’s leg as the two talked, which then led to sex, according to the boy’s account.

A week later, it is alleged the teacher took the boy to Lucinda beach where they had sex once again, Holt told the court. The final time the two had sexual relations, the boy claimed he asked the woman to come to his home when his parents were gone, reports the Daily Mail. According to Holt, the boy told police he was afraid of getting caught so he ended the affair with the educator.

The Daily Telegraph notes that the court magistrate determined the teen boy carried a condom with him.

A final decision will be made on January 19 as to the whether the charges against the married teacher will be dropped, reports the Daily Telegraph.