‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: 2018 Holds Paternity Shocker For Nathan, Peter’s Effect On Dream Team Revealed

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General Hospital spoilers tease developments in various storylines in 2018. Julian and Alexis have to define their relationship, and several couples are expecting new members in the family.

Julian is back in town, and he thinks he can have his life back now that he is a free man. He will continue to pester Alexis. General Hospital spoilers tease Julian will grate on Alexis’ nerves. She is not ready to take him back in her life, and she will make it clear to him. Julian will not be the only person with a hard time trying to win over a lady with a mind of her own.

General Hospital spoilers hint Alexis will try to avoid Julian, but circumstances will throw them back into each other’s arms. Alexis will also strike a friendship with another Port Charles difference. Head writer Chris Van Etten reveals Julian will examine his own life and consider what life is like without Alexis. According to him, “if that is a life without Alexis in it, maybe there are other romantic avenues for him to explore.”

New Babies For The New Year

Kim Nero is the resident ob/gyn in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease she will also be instrumental in revealing the truth behind Drew’s identity. Romance will be in her future in the upcoming year, and then there’s her involvement with one of the twins. It’s bound to be complicated since she also happens to have a child with Drew.


As for Dr. Kim’s clients, Nathan and Maxie’s excitement with their bundle of joy will push the baby’s daddy to dig into his background. Dr. Obrecht is not being cooperative, but Nathan will continue to be persistent. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease Nathan will get an answer and it will become a major issue.

Speaking of soon-to-be parents, Nelle and Michael will also deal with the negative reception from Carly and Sonny. The two couples have an interdependent fate as they wait for the birth of their children. When it comes to having babies, General Hospital always finds a way to make pregnancies and deliveries controversial. There have also been various rumors Nelle will finally be out of the picture. Nelle will have a rocky path ahead but there’s no mention whether this pregnancy will lead to her demise.

Peter’s Role In Dream’s Relationship

Peter’s introduction in General Hospital led to various changes. Lulu made the decision to pursue her career in investigative journalism, and she will stumble upon important facts which will change the fate of Port Charles. However, Dante will continue to worry about Lulu. He thinks she is putting herself and other people in danger by pursuing her leads.

While Lulu perseveres to make a name for herself, spoilers tease Peter will encourage her. The aftermath of the election issue will lead to serious differences in opinion about Charles Street development. Peter’s encouragement will cause quite a stir in PC. However, giving Lulu the push she needs is not the only thing Peter will be good at. According to Van Etten, he will be indispensable to Drew and Sam. General Hospital spoilers tease exciting scenes for 2018 for everyone in Port Charles.