‘NCIS’ Season 15 Spoilers: Bishop And Torres Could Be The Next Tony And Ziva

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) are two of the favorite characters from NCIS and many were heartbroken when their stories ended. However, it seems that there could be a new romance brewing down the line for the current characters of NCIS Season 15 — Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

When NCIS Season 15 returns from its winter break on Jan. 2, Bishop and Torres will play a couple as part of their undercover mission. TV Line has the first-look photos which showed the two getting close to each other. Titled “High Tide,” the agents will pose as a couple who happens to be criminals for hire and their mission is to expose an illegal drug ring.

It remains to be seen if Bishop and Torres will develop something more than just a professional relationship after this NCIS Season 15 episode. They could maintain being strictly co-workers or there might be a chance that they will become the next Tony and Ziva. It can be recalled that Tony and Ziva played as an assassin couple in one episode in Season 3.

Whether or not Torres will be a love interest for Bishop remains unclear, but if it happens, it will not be the first time for her to break one of the NCIS rules set by Gibbs (Mark Harmon), which is “Don’t date co-workers.” Bishop previously dated NCIS translator Qasim Naasir (Rafi Silver). They kept their relationship a secret until one day, Bishop decided to confess to Gibbs, who turned out to have known about the secret all along.

Unfortunately, Ellie and Qasim’s love story didn’t last that long. In Season 14’s “Willoughby” episode, Qasim died after sustaining gunshot wounds from a drive-by shooting. Naturally, Bishop was devastated, especially since she was ready to say yes to his proposal. NCIS didn’t really show much of the couple’s story, but it was revealed that they had gone on countless dates and that Qasim already popped the question.

Meanwhile, the possible romantic pairing of Bishop and Torres received mixed opinions from viewers. Some welcome the idea of them becoming the next “Tiva” while others just don’t feel that there’s chemistry between them. Fans can only find out in the coming episodes of NCIS Season 15.