Marilyn Manson Weighs In On Hollywood Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

Just two months ago, Marlyn Manson parted ways with his guitarist, Twiggy Ramirez, and spoke out in support of his rape accuser. Now, Manson has made comments about the growing Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal that might make one think he is siding with the group of mostly men, as accusers line up with some harrowing stories of sexual harassment and abuse suffered while trying to make it big in the entertainment business.

In an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News, as reported by The Mercury News Marilyn Manson was asked about Harvey Weinstein and one of his accusers, Rose McGowan.

“I am not surprised by it,” Manson said of McGowan’s alleged rape. “I didn’t really know much about it when I was with her.”

It turns out that’s not all he had to say about the #MeToo social media campaign that changed the face of Tinseltown. Manson made it clear that he’s worried about everyone who will be affected by the allegations in the long term.

“I just think that I don’t want it to turn the whole world’s attention from the artistic element of Hollywood and movies and films to be ruined by this,” Manson said. “That’s not to disrespect the people who say the allegations.”

Despite more than a handful of women who have gone to the police with shocking allegations of sexual harassment, rape, and other forms of misconduct, so far, very little has been done about it legally. That didn’t stop Marilyn Manson from suggesting that those who have been victimized by Hollywood bigwigs go to the police and file a report.

“I just think that if you have something, you should say it to the police, not to the press — and handle it that way first and foremost,” he said. “And that’s what I would do.”

It turns out that Manson fancies himself somewhat of a scholar on what constitutes a valid sexual misconduct claim and what doesn’t.

“There’s serious allegations, and they’re always allegations of course, but when someone starts complaining about something that happened that seems a little bit not as serious as really sexual assault, I think that’s insulting to people that have been sexually assaulted,” Marilyn Manson explained via NME. “It p***es me off that when someone says, ‘Someone gave me an inappropriate gift’ or something. That’s not the same as being harmed.”

That may be true. However, in this round of Harvey Weinstein accusers and all the others who have spoken out against their alleged abusers after the #MeToo campaign started, whose career has been ruined by an inappropriate gift? Even in the case of the firing of Matt Lauer, he was accused of giving inappropriate gifts but there was way more to it that ended in his firing.