K. Michelle Will Remove Her Butt Implants By January

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K. Michelle opened up in a candid interview about her decision to get her butt implants removed. The “Kim K” singer sat with the ladies of The Real and revealed why she chose to get butt implants in the first place and how they have become a hazard to her health.

Initially, K. Michelle said that she made the decision to get butt implants due to having insecurities, following trends, and because she felt that she needed to have a “huge butt” to receive love from others. K. Michelle admitted that she has always been curvy but said “it wasn’t enough.”

“I thought, I want to take it to the extreme. I’m having trouble with men right now, maybe if I had a huge butt I’ll get even bigger love.”

K. Michelle underwent plastic surgery and later regretted the move. The singer had her hips altered and said that she had some work done on her teeth. However, the enhancements that she had on her butt has begun to impact her health in a negative way.

K. Michelle said she visited a health professional to discover the reason she was struggling with chronic pain in the lower portion of her body. The R&B singer checked for lupus, but then discovered that the pain she was having could, in fact, be due to her butt enhancement, according to Essence magazine.

K. Michelle discusses health issues from butt implants.
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“We discovered that my butt is so big and my legs are not holding it… People don’t talk about that, though.”

While discussing her new health discoveries with the ladies of The Real, K. Michelle said that she went to several doctors, but none were willing to operate on her.

“Imagine if you don’t have the money to get it out… You got these butt shots and you’re in pain, but you don’t have any money to get it out of you. They don’t tell you about that.”

K. Michelle released her fourth studio album titled Kimberly: The People I Used to Know and discussed her relationship with R. Kelly and the sexual assault allegations that have been made against him.

In the past, K. Michelle had a tumultuous relationship with singer R. Kelly but praised him as her mentor. K. Michelle says Kelly taught her everything about recording, how to write songs, and the importance of just focusing on music.

“And, you want to have loyalty for that, but at the same time I was the girl saying something happened to me and the world told me it didn’t happen.”

K. Michelle says she becomes disheartened when she reads stories about women speaking out about sexual assault and harassment and reads comments that claim that the women are lying.

“I was once that girl, like, ‘Somebody knows the truth, but ain’t nobody going to take up for me?’ It’s left me in a very funny place.”

The singer said she managed to get out of the situation, but it affected the way she loves herself and how she loves men. K. Michelle warned, “everything is not always what it seems, especially in the music business.”