‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Heartbroken Jason Ready To Run From Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for upcoming 2018 drama promise that Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) can’t take anymore heartache in his life. After waking up in the Russian clinic, Jason was stunned to discover he’d lost five years of his life. He made a beeline for Port Charles hoping to recover what he’d lost. Since Jason’s return, we’ve seen his losses become more devastating by the moment. Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) is engaged to his twin Drew Cain (Billy Miller), and his son Jake Webber (Hudson West) doesn’t want him around. The Christmas holiday has hit Jason hard, and he decides there’s no room left for him in his old life.

Jason plans to leave the country

In the latest Soap Opera Digest, GH spoilers promise that next week, Jason decides there’s nothing left for him in Port Charles and tells Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) that he’s not only leaving town but is fleeing the country. Jake wants Drew instead of Jason, and so does Sam. While Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) warmed up to his biological father, it’s clear to Jason that the kid also adores Drew. Jason doesn’t blame Drew for any of this, but his twin has his life, so Jason decides leaving is best for all.

The problem is that Carly won’t let that happen. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly plays dirty to keep Jason in town no matter what it costs Drew and Sam. GH spoilers for December 25-29 indicate that Carly sabotages Drew’s car on New Year’s Eve to make sure that he can’t be with Sam. Then Carly contrives to put Sam in Jason’s path to hopefully re-spark their romance. Carly doesn’t care that Sam and Drew are in love and want to get married – she wants Sam back with Jason no matter what.


Who Convinces Jason To Stick Around?

Of course, General Hospital fans know that Jason isn’t going anywhere. Steve Burton signed a multi-year contract, so Stone Cold is sticking around, but he hits a low point at Christmas and going into the New Year. Sam and Jason share a moment as 2018 chimes in, so perhaps it’s her that convinces him to stay although her life would certainly be easier if Jason were to follow through and leave the country. As it is, he’s a constant reminder of what Faison’s treachery cost them.

It might also be one of the Qs that makes Jason decides to stay although not Ned Quartermaine (Wally Kurth) who is sick of all the new additions to the family. But what might be more gripping is if it’s one of Jason’s kids that gets through to him. Danny welcomed Jason warmly back into his life and might be the one to convince his biological father to stay in town. Whatever happens, Jason decides to stay, but that doesn’t mean that Carly is off the hook for her crafty shenanigans.


Everyone’s Sick Of Carly’s Meddling

Although General Hospital spoilers from Soap Digest reveal that Jason sticks around, that doesn’t mean he’s happy that Carly tried to ruin Sam’s life to reunite them. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) warns Carly when she sets Drew up that she’s making a mistake tampering with Sam’s love life, but she won’t listen. After the truth comes out that Carly potentially puts Drew in danger to create a romantic interlude for JaSam, all three confront her. Sam and Drew are outraged, and even Jason is angry.

GH spoilers tease that Jason will tell Carly that he doesn’t want Sam back if it only happens because of Carly’s manipulation. It’s too bad that Jason can’t ever stay angry at Carly, no matter what she does, and that means she’ll probably try again to interfere in Sam’s personal life. The bottom line is that Jason must carve out a new life for himself in Port Charles even if it’s a life without Sam. Read the latest on Nathan’s paternity shocker and check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.