Lindsay Lohan Pregnancy Rumors: Actress Sparks Speculation With Cryptic Social Media Post

Slaven VlasicGetty Images for Daily Mail


Lindsay Lohan has sparked pregnancy rumors after sharing an Instagram post that some fans think is a cryptic announcement that she’s carrying her first baby.

The actress has always been a lightning rod for tabloid reports, with near-endless speculation about her love life and alleged out-of-control partying that has all but sidelined her acting career. But the latest report seems to imply that Lindsay Lohan may be settling down and starting a family, though the rumor is still fairly flimsy.

According to Hollywood Life, the pregnancy rumors started when Lindsay Lohan posted a picture of a woman reclining on a bed. The picture had some hints that fans think implies that Lohan is pregnant with her first child.

“Sounds harmless enough, right? Did we mention the large head that’s hovering above her gaping stomach? Yikes! The floating head is attached to the woman by an umbilical cord. This certainly isn’t how we’d imagine her sharing pregnancy news, but Lindsay does have a penchant for surprising us!”

To fuel the rumors even more, Lohan wrote the caption, “Life is life,” and added the #MeToo hashtag that has been used for victims of sexual assault to stand in solidarity with one another. That led fans to question whether Lohan was announcing her pregnancy, or if she was possibly revealing that she may have been pregnant by an abuser and was forced to have an abortion. Lohan came out as a defender of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein after multiple reports of sexual harassment and assault against him.

Lohan’s relationships have been in the news again lately with an admission from reality television star Jax Taylor that he and Lindsay hooked up years ago. In an interview with the Daily Dish, Taylor said it took place during Lohan’s relationship with Samantha Ronson and was just a one-off incident.

“It was one of those things that it was just a drunken night, and it didn’t mean anything,” Taylor revealed.


There could be other signs that Lindsay Lohan is not pregnant, however. Another recent report claimed that she crashed a night out of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, implying that Lohan is still partying and drinking and very likely not pregnant. Lohan also has made no clear public statements hinting that she could be pregnant, outside of the cryptic Instagram post.