Nate Diaz On Not Waiting For Conor McGregor And Reveals Plans For Next Fight

Ethan MillerGetty Images

If you are wondering when Nate Diaz will have his next fight, it seems dependent on the UFC offering him a deal that will entice him. The 32-year-old Stockton native recently spoke about his potential trilogy fight with Conor McGregor and has a message for fighters that are calling him out.

Diaz’s last fight in the UFC was against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in late August 2016, and he has been inactive for more than a year since then.

In a podcast interview with Outside The Box, Diaz explains why he is not fighting and says that his return is dependent on UFC making the right offer, according to MMA Fighting.

“I’m not fighting because I am a fighter. You’re fighting because someone’s telling you to fight,” Diaz said addressing other fighters. “I’ll fight whenever the f**k I wanna fight. That’s because I’m a G, n**ga, I’m a fighter myself. I ain’t trying to do what nobody says, I’ll do what I say. And I will fight when I’m approached respectably.”

Nate Diaz goes on to mention that he is among the most active fighters in the UFC when his record is taken into account and now he is in a position to call his own shots. The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt says that fighters are being manipulated by the UFC to call him out for a fight.

UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson has called out Diaz multiple times to which Nate told Ariel Helwani earlier this year that the UFC did not offer him enough money. Welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley revealed that he was offered a Nate Diaz fight for UFC 219 but the deal fell through.

Dana White denies that the fight was offered while both Woodley and Diaz refute the UFC president’s claim.

When asked about the Conor McGregor trilogy fight, Nate Diaz states that he doesn’t know when it will happen but has talked to the UFC about the anticipated fight. Diaz says he is not interested in the trilogy fight in particular and any big fight offered will entice him.

Diaz reiterated his interest in boxing but states that the UFC has him locked in a contract and criticizes the UFC for making an exception for Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz’s next fight in the UFC will likely be the Conor McGregor trilogy fight, but he may return sooner if the UFC make him an offer he can’t refuse.