‘Little People, Big World’ Star Tori Roloff Quashes Pregnancy Rumors: ‘It’s Just Carbs!’

Tori RoloffInstagram

Tori Roloff’s firstborn, baby Jackson, is only 7-months-old, but some Little People, Big World fans are wondering if the reality star is pregnant again. The 26-year-old reality star was recently spotted with what seemed to be a baby bump while hanging out with her family.

In a new Instagram Stories post, Tori revealed that many people congratulated her when they saw her on Matt Roloff’s IG clip. The LPBW patriarch was playing around with the Instagram Stories feature of his phone when Tori briefly appeared with husband Zach and baby Jackson. In the video, Tori said “hi” for the camera while her hands were on her stomach. Many fans may have mistaken this as if she was hiding a burgeoning baby bump.

Tori seemed amused by the rumors, but she also immediately set things straight. She stated that she’s “definitely not pregnant,” but blamed carbs for her weight gain. The LPBW star and former kindergarten teacher also took a photo of her “baby bump” and put emojis of food to put an end to such rumors.

“Nope. Just carbs. All the carbs.”

Tori recently opened up on being a parent through a heartfelt IG post. The new mom expressed her dismay upon having read comments that her “life is over” now that she has a child. Tori wrote that having baby Jackson has overwhelmingly changed her life for the better.

“I have found life after having a kid. I’ve found something I can completely pour my soul into and something that gives me purpose…Having a kid is honestly a gift I know I don’t deserve from God. Life isn’t over when you have a kid…it’s only just beginning!”

Tori and husband Zach Roloff welcomed their firstborn, Jackson Kyle Roloff, on May 12. His birth was featured in the final episode of last season’s Little People, Big World. Like Zach and his grandparents, Matt and Amy Roloff, baby Jackson was born with dwarfism.

Baby Jackson turned 7-months-old this December, and he’s growing up to be one healthy and active boy. According to Tori’s monthly update, Jackson can now roll by himself, eat solid food, and loves babbling.

“[Jackson] has two teeth and is working on a third! J is obsessed with his feet and will take off anything in his way of his toes…We got our first Christmas tree and we’re loving all of our new Christmas traditions!”

Though Tori doesn’t seem to be ready for another baby yet, she has previously hinted that she wants more babies in the future. In July, Tori posted a sweet second-year wedding anniversary greeting for Zach on Instagram. She stated that she’s blessed that her “kids” get to call Zach their dad. According to In Touch, many fans took this as a pregnancy announcement.

“Two years ago today I said ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams…I am so lucky that my kids get to call you dad and even more blessed that I get to call you mine. I love you Zachys! Happy anniversary!”

Though the pregnancy news was obviously a false alarm, Tori’s post proves that having more children is in her future.