WWE News: Rey Mysterio Talks About Return To WWE Before Retirement


Former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio has been away from WWE for what seems like an eternity, but he still wants to return. While Mysterio left several years ago after his contract ended, he feels a comeback could still occur. He hasn’t been completely away from wrestling as he’s been working on the independent scene. The master of the “619” would still love for an opportunity to bid farewell to the WWE before he officially moves on from professional wrestling. Here’s what Rey Mysterio had to say about making a return to WWE at some time in the future as well as a possible Royal Rumble entrance next month.

On Friday, ESPN‘s Michael Wonsover talked with Rey Mysterio about his legendary career and how it’s far from over. It’s mentioned that the 43-year-old pro wrestling star is still considered the “hottest free agent” on the market today. His contract ended with WWE back in 2015, but Mysterio feels he was merely ending things at that point to get some time off from WWE. He still seems like he would love to make a comeback as he believes he owes quite a bit to the company for what they gave him during his career. That career has easily qualified him for WWE’s Hall of Fame in the future, but Mysterio doesn’t seem done quite yet.

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Former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio wants a final run with WWE to say a proper goodbye to the fans.Featured image credit: WWE

When talking about leaving the company in 2015, Mysterio said it was never intended as his final run with WWE. He added that he wants a chance to give the fans some more of that Rey Mysterio high-flying excitement before he officially calls it quits.

“I would definitely love to go back and finish up. Whether it’s one year or whatever the case might be. Whether it’s a farewell. I owe a lot to that company. That company gave me such an amazing opportunity, and I took advantage of every single moment I was with WWE to the fullest. I wouldn’t want to just be remembered as ‘Oh, man, he never re-signed and he never came back.’ I would definitely love to come back and do a last run and say goodbye to my WWE fans. Tell them goodbye in a proper way.”

Mysterio also noted that over the past two years, while away from WWE, he’s taken the opportunity to rest up as he’d been feeling aches and pains a lot when he was waking up during 2015. He said that he’s “never felt better” since deciding to do that. That time away could be just what he needed to recharge and prepare for a final run with one of the companies that helped make him even more famous. There’s even a big match coming up in about a month.

When asked about a potential entrance into the Royal Rumble 2018 match, Mysterio said, “Never say never, right?” He’s a former Rumble winner from the 2006 match where he put on an epic performance. After entering as the second participant, Mysterio lasted over an hour in the match and eliminated last year’s winner, Randy Orton, for the win. Although no sportsbooks currently show odds for Mysterio to win in 2018, fans are certainly hoping to hear that popular theme music with the “619” call-out hit the speakers in the arena next month.