‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Officially Wrapped, Gillian Anderson Teases Final Season With David Duchovny [Photo]

Daniel BoczarskiGetty Images

The premiere of The X-Files Season 11 is only two weeks away, and it looks like the cast and crew have just wrapped up the upcoming season. Gillian Anderson has confirmed the wrap with an awesome photo with co-star David Duchovny, teasing fans that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will be back in January. But did Anderson’s post also reveal the 11th season will be the show’s last one?

It’s no secret that Gillian Anderson has been reluctant about reprising her role as Dana Scully. The American Gods actress has previously stated that the Fox series should have ended with the 2016 mini-series. However, fans were elated when Anderson announced that she will reunite with David Duchovny in The X-Files Season 11. Unfortunately, the next season could also be the final one for the beloved sci-fi show.

Gillian Anderson has just shared a picture on her official Twitter account showing the actress with her X-Files Season 11 co-star David Duchovny. Anderson added a touching caption celebrating 25 years of working with Duchovny on the show and confirmed that the upcoming season has finally wrapped. Some fans simply understood the post as a celebration of her lasting friendship with the Twin Peaks actor through the years. However, others believe that Anderson was stating that she will no longer return as Scully after the 11th season.


Fans already know that The X-Files Season 11 is the last one for Gillian Anderson. In October, ScreenRant reported that the star of The Fall will only reprise her role in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, this has led to speculations that the Fox series will not continue without Dana Scully, even if David Duchovny signs on for another season. Nevertheless, there is hope that the show will conclude in a truly amazing way next year.

Fox has just released the video “Declassified: The End of The World” to promote The X-Files Season 11. The teaser offers a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming season, including Fox Mulder in a sasquatch costume and another major mystery involving the Cigarette Smoking Man. There is also a possibility that Mulder and Scully will end up together in the series.

The X-Files Season 11 will premiere on Fox on January 3.