‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For 2018: Head Writers Reveal What’s Next For JaSam, Dream, Friz, And CarSon

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Christopher PolkGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease eventful happenings for the New Year, and it’s just a taste of what’s coming in 2018. GH Co-head writers Chris Van Etten and Shelly Altman teased the future of romantic couples in the upcoming year. General Hospital faves will have a roller coaster year, the Drew-Jason-Sam love triangle will definitely crank up the heat.

On Choices And Second Guessing

Altman’s first prediction for the Dream team doesn’t sound positive. According to him, the couple will start off the year with fireworks, and Sam (Kelly Monaco) will start to have doubts about her choice. Sam took Drew’s (Billy Miller) side right away, and she even agreed to take his ring and cast off Jason’s. However, spoilers tease she might have a change of heart next year.

Of course, Carly (Laura Wright) will play a huge role in the love triangle. She questioned Sam’s choices, and she will continue to scheme to make Sam realize she belongs with Jason.

As Sam struggles if she made the right choice, Jason and Sonny (Maurice Benard) will not rest until they find the person who abducted Jason back in 2012. The search may have been futile, but they might find a useful lead soon. Drew’s memories might also help them figure out what happened, who was behind it, and why.

General Hospital spoilers tease this mystery will have tentacles, and this will touch not just the twins but other people in Port Charles. As for Drew, he will be forced to face the facts and “he might dig up something that he doesn’t want to know.”

Corinthos Family Drama

Carly and Sonny had a rough 2017 but this couple will stay solid in 2018. Since she already feels secured about her marriage, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Digest tease Carly will continue worrying about the people around her. Over the past few weeks, she made it her personal mission to give Jason back everything he lost. Jason already got his identity back, but Carly will work on getting him the rest of his life again, including Sam and his family. Carly always meddled in other people’s problems, and she won’t turn over a new leaf next year.

General Hospital spoilers suggest the extended Corinthos family is headed for major drama, and according to Altman, they might need Sonny’s special skills to deal with the issue.

Complicated Love Stories

Franco and Liz just got engaged, but General Hospital spoilers tease Franco will have doubts about his abilities to make Liz happy. There will be a tough road ahead for Friz, and then there’s Jason. Jason is not happy with Franco’s involvement in Jake’s life. General Hospital spoilers tease there’s bound to be more complications down the road.