‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Upset As She Reflects On Life As A Parent

Tori Roloff/Instagram

Tori Roloff is a little upset. The Little People, Big World star said she is troubled by something she’s been hearing or reading lately. Tori, the 26-year-old mother of fan favorite baby Jackson, recently poured out her frustrations on people who believe “life is over” once they have a child.

“One thing I’ve heard a lot lately on social media, and tv, and even in person has me a little upset,” Tori said. “I hear people talking about how ‘life is over’ when you have a kid.”

Tori not only disagreed with this concept, but she called it a flat-out lie.

“I think this is such a lie,” Tori said. “I have found life after having a kid.”

“I’ve found something I can completely pour my soul in to and something that gives me purpose.”

Tori shared an adorable black and white photo to prove her point that her life was not over once she got pregnant and had Jackson. The photo shows her husband, Zach, on his hands and knees while their seven-month-old Jackson is on his tummy looking at Zach.

Tori voiced her disappointment for people who say “ah it’s all over from here” just because they cannot party the same way they did before becoming parents. This is not a problem for Tori as she jokingly said that it’s cool that she can’t stay out partying all night because her bedtime is 9 p.m. anyway.

“Having a kid is honestly a gift I know I don’t deserve from God,” Tori said. “Life isn’t over when you have a kid… it’s only just beginning!”

Hundreds quickly flooded Tori’s post with thoughts of their own. Many agreed with Tori, that having a child is not the end of the world.

While most agreed with Tori, some clarified that the term “life is over” when used on new parents is likely about how one’s life will change once they have a child.

A follower who goes by caroldaley1964 said that having children is the “end of one way of life and the beginning of another.”

“Life as you know it before kids does end and it will never be the same,” the fan said. “Having kids is a whole new life. I never got offended by the comment because I understood what people meant.”

“I’ve always heard the opposite,” said rociorp20. “Your life hasn’t begun until you have kids.”

“I’m pretty sure they mean once a woman has a child, she completely loses her identity and is no longer herself but is now just ‘Mom’,” said aprilentendu, contradicting Tori.

Others called out the people that Tori is talking about.

“People who say that are selfish, and really shouldn’t be parents,” said calisyborg. “There are so many people out there who can’t have children, who should jump at that chance.”

One commenter, kglred, said those who don’t have children are supposedly jealous of those who do and are only saying such things to make themselves feel better. The fan also claimed that these people “try to justify why it’s better not to have them instead.”

This comment didn’t sit well with other fans of Tori.

A commenter named mrstevens42 told the fan to watch how he or she says things, as they may come out as offensive. The commenter, who said he doesn’t have children because he chose not to, called kglred out for generalizing.

“I have never found myself jealous of people that have children,” said the fan. “So, please don’t lump all people who don’t have kids into one category.”

Another fan thought money was an issue with regards to what Tori was saying.

“Helps that money isn’t an issue for ur family,” said armlong.

Other fans chimed in with one calling armlong rude and another saying it was not fair to accuse Tori of such, as that was not her point. Another fan said she never had issues with money herself, but did struggle every day. She explained that “money has nothing to do with what having a child is like.”

Another fan, heidi.bajcar, agreed that money has nothing to do with how Tori felt. The fan said they were “extremely poor” and were below the poverty line when they had their daughter. She also said that they wouldn’t change a thing as they made it through despite the financial struggles.

“We made it and are not struggling as much anymore,” said the fan. “The thing that has never changed is how grateful we are to have been chosen to parent our daughters and how life truly began when we had them. If anything, they add why we aspire to be more, then and now.”

Another fan, kimiela.nahikumama, said she agreed with Tori and commended her and Zach for being great parents to baby Jackson. However, she questioned why Tori always says that she is undeserving of the blessing she has received.

Tori answered, saying her message is that people are “undeserving of God’s love.”

“We are not entitled to anything but he is gracious enough to give his love,” Tori explained. “We didn’t deserve what he did for us but he did it anyway.”