‘The Walking Dead: The Game’ Season 2: Developer Looking At How To Import Saves

The fifth and final episode of Telltale Games’ first season of The Walking Dead has been out on iOS, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 since November, but the developer is already looking at how it will handle a second season – and maybe even a bigger franchise.

Speaking in an interview with Red Bull UK, Dan Connors, the CEO and co-founder of the veteran adventure game developer, talked about sources of inspiration Telltale drew from when crafting the story of The Walking Dead‘s first season.

“I think the games that we talked about the most during development were Heavy Rain and Uncharted from a cinematic standpoint, and Mass Effect from a choice standpoint,” he said.

Of course, The Walking Dead TV show was a big source of inspiration as well – along with other hit TV shows, including another of AMC’s flagship shows, Mad Men, and HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

Although development on the second season of The Walking Dead is still in its very early stages, Connors explains that Telltale is looking into how it could allow the players’ choices from the first season to somehow carry over into the second.

“Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two. This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over,” Connors explained.

The Walking Dead will undoubtedly be a big focus for Telltale as we enter the new year, but Connors hints that the developer is hungry to tackle a new project – possibly an even larger franchise such as Star Wars.

“Coming from Lucas Arts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game,” Connors said. “We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half Life Stories or Halo Stories.”