Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Keeping Her Due Date A Secret; Has She Already Given Birth? [Rumors]

Austin and Joy-Anna Forsyth Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth, announced they were having a baby just three months after getting married in typical Duggar fashion. However, when the pair revealed they were expecting, Duggar fans and critics raised their eyebrows as the 20-year-old mother-to-be was already showing.

The rumor was compounded by Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth sharing her milestones in an Instagram photo that included fingerprints and brainwaves, things that don’t typically develop until 25 weeks gestation.

While this normally wouldn’t be a huge deal, the Duggar family goes to great lengths to ensure that their adult children don’t engage in premarital sex. Although this wouldn’t be the first Duggar scandal (Joy-Anna’s eldest brother has been caught cheating on his wife), it would surely bring them down a few points in the estimation of their staunchly Christian friends and viewers.

More fuel to the fire was added when recently, a Duggar family insider revealed that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth is keeping her due date a secret. As the Duggar family subscribes to the notion of having as many children as possible and proudly displaying pregnancies, many are wondering why Joy-Anna would choose to keep her due date private if it doesn’t reveal that she and her husband had sex before they were married.

If Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth didn’t have sex before she was married, she would deliver her baby (assuming it is full-term) in February.

Some also suspect that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth may have already had her baby. The reality TV star was seen at a wedding for a family friend earlier this month, and many critics of the Duggar family thought she looked to be postpartum.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth was also photographed flying in a helicopter with a much thinner face, which has some wondering if she gave birth to the baby around Thanksgiving. This theory is partially due to the fact that Joy and Austin were absent for the Duggar family’s Thanksgiving photo and that she has not posted a photo of her full body since then.

In a video of Jordyn Duggar’s birthday, Austin Forsyth was seen with the girls, but Joy-Anna Duggar was nowhere to be found. Eagle-eyed fans caught a pink snowsuit for an infant in the background, and since Josh Duggar was not there with his daughter, assumed it might be for Joy’s baby that had secretly already been born.