New Study Reveals How Man ‘Rewired’ His Brain So He Can Have Spontaneous Climaxes

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A new medical case study detailed the unusual story of a man who supposedly got so hooked on full-body orgasms that he had his brain “rewired” in such a way that he could achieve spontaneous climaxes.

According to a report from Gizmodo, the study was written by British biomedical researcher Roy Levin and published this week in the journal Clinical Anatomy, as he focused on an unnamed 63-year-old man who had suffered from a prostate infection. Prior to this health event, the man had a normal prostate and high sex drive, but due to his infection, he bought a butt plug known as an Aneros helix, which he then used to massage his prostate.

With the study’s subject also on a daily dose of the erectile dysfunction and urinary tract infection drug Cialis, the regimen reportedly resulted in the man feeling “extreme” orgasms in several parts of the body, just as his prostate infection was being cured by both the butt plug and the Cialis. Levin wrote that the subject became “highly orgasmic” and no longer needed to think of anyone or anything while using the massaging tool.

Levin’s study noted that the man had, at that point, become “addicted” to full-body orgasms, and had to wear a condom to catch any semen that would be produced each time he climaxed. That was when he decided to “rewire” his brain, allowing him to get spontaneous climaxes simply by lying on his back and wearing a condom, thereby eliminating any need for a butt plug or similar device. But that process led to its share of problems, as Levin noted in his research.

“This subject found that whilst the orgasms were extremely enjoyable at the time, he could easily spend too much time experiencing them,” Levin wrote.

“Further, he had an old neck injury which flared up in association with some neck spasm at orgasm whilst lying prone. It has proved difficult to stop experiencing these orgasms and ‘unwire’ himself back to normal.”

Levin, who is affiliated with Sheffield University but conducted the study independent of his employer, also discussed what might have motivated the man to have programmed his brain so he can achieve spontaneous climaxes. He said that it isn’t uncommon for Aneros helix users to ask toy companies about getting “rewired” in a similar way, so that their brains could link orgasms with the non-sexual stimuli that come into play before the prostate massage, effectively cutting out the proverbial middleman.

As noted by the Daily Mail, rewiring one’s brains for such purposes is possible because of a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. The man finding a link between non-sexual stimuli and spontaneous climaxes may have been a result of his brain creating new synaptic connections. But the brain’s neuroplasticity and pleasure centers are also the ones that cause people to be addicted to drugs, which led to the man getting hooked on the so-called “super-Os,” or super-orgasms, and his neck injury flaring up due to all the time he spent in the prone position.

Although the man in the case study reportedly had a hard time dealing with his new addiction, he was able to wean himself off the habit, as he reintroduced himself to his usual sexual regimen over time. And while he still had up to 10 spontaneous climaxes during regular sex or masturbation, Levin wrote that the man was able to go “a few months at a time” without these random events taking place.