Cara Delevingne’s ‘Catcalling’ Jimmy Choo Ad Is Slammed On Social Media

Kirstin SinclairGetty Images for Burberry

In the wake of the sexual harassment and assault allegations that have swept the country in recent months, people are more aware than ever and are looking more closely and critically at the media. So when Cara Delevingne’s new Jimmy Choo ad seemed to show her being catcalled, fans were quick to slam the commercial on social media. Following the backlash, Jimmy Choo quickly pulled their new ad.

In the now-deleted boot commercial called “Shimmer in the Dark,” Delevigne appeared to be sexually harassed herself. Walking down the street in a sparkly red dress and black glittery Jimmy Choo booties, Delevingne got stared at and catcalled throughout the commercial. Men turned their heads, and one man wolf whistled and nodded at her and said, “Nice shoes, lady.” Delevingne simply smiles and keeps walking down the sidewalk.

Maybe Jimmy Choo was just trying to have the man compliment Delevingne on her sparkly shoes. But the Internet wasn’t having it. Many took to Twitter to blast the ad for being tone deaf and sexist and to point out that women don’t like being catcalled. They slammed Jimmy Choo for creating a commercial that seems to promote catcalling, especially in light of the Me Too movement and the reckoning we’ve been having surrounding sexual misconduct.

It should be noted, though, that Delevingne has had her own moment in the Me Too movement. Back in October, the model and actress posted a picture on Instagram saying, “Don’t be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.”


In the caption, she went on to detail her experience with Harvey Weinstein. She explained that she got a call from Weinstein early on in her acting career. He asked her if she’d slept with any of the women she’d been seen out with and warned her that if she were gay or went out with a woman publicly, she’d never be able to play a straight woman or make it as an actress.

She later met him and a director in a hotel lobby, but she quickly wound up alone with Weinstein. He bragged about sleeping with actresses and helping their careers and more. Delevingne was then pressured to go back to Weinstein’s room.

She got there to find another woman waiting and Weinstein asked them to kiss. To diffuse the situation, Delevingne tried to show off her singing talent and leave, but Weinstein tried to kiss her. She managed to leave and land the part, but she felt “awful” doing that movie and not speaking up.