Josh Brolin Arrested For Public Intoxication On New Year’s Day

Josh Brolin rang in the new year from a jail cell. The No Country For Old Men actor had a little too much fun on New Year’s Eve and got arrested for public intoxication.

According to TMZ, Brolin was arrested shortly before midnight on January 1. He was brought to a holding cell, paid bail, and was released early on in the morning on January 2.

Sources told the gossip site that the actor was out with a few friends on New Year’s Day and that the group had a little “too much fun.”

Brolin was not cited for the arrest and will not face any charges. Except for the $250 the actor paid in bail, the hangover he undoubtedly had the next morning, and the embarrassment of being put into handcuffs, the actor won’t see any additional consequences from the incident.

According to US Magazine, Brolin has been arrested a few times in the past. In 2004, he was arrested for battery after an altercation with his wife Diane Lane. In 2008, Brolin was arrested after a bar fight in Louisiana. The charges were dropped in both cases.

The Oscar nominated actor’s next movie, The Gangster Squad, hits theaters next weekend.