Scott Peterson Wished He Could Tell Amber Frey ‘Everything’ During Newly-Released Recorded Phone Call

Al Golub-PoolGetty Images

Scott Peterson made headlines 15 years ago when his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, went missing on Christmas Eve in 2002. This case gripped the nation for months until the bodies of Laci and her unborn son, Conner were found washed up just a mile apart from one another. The search for her lasted months, but ended in tragedy. During that time, Scott Peterson was watched heavily by the police. Amber Frey came forward as his mistress, and the public dubbed him guilty at that moment.

During the course of the investigation, Scott Peterson was recorded when he talked to Amber Frey. She agreed to work with the police, helping with their search for Laci Peterson and the unborn child she was carrying. Earlier this week, one of the recordings was published and it tells a chilling story. According to In Touch Weekly, Scott Peterson told Amber Frey he wished he could tell her everything. This resulted in his mistress asking if she should be afraid of him. Peterson responded, saying he would never hurt anyone, but she wasn’t buying it.

This case has been heavily talked about in recent years. Just in 2017 alone, there were a few different programs based on Scott and Laci Peterson. One, in particular, has some people doubting his guilt. There were things talked about in The Murder of Laci Peterson that worried some viewers. Could there have been someone besides Scott Peterson that hurt Laci? The jurors were under heavy scrutiny as well, including juror, Richelle Nice. A lot was ignored when it came to tips, and while many will agree that Peterson acted differently than they would expect a grieving husband to act, some viewers have doubts about his guilt.

Scott Peterson never did admit to killing his wife, but he did tell his mistress that the Christmas in 2002 would be the first without his wife. There are a lot of weird things that happened between Frey and Peterson, especially after she agreed to help the police with their investigation into her married lover.

While sitting on death row in California, Scott Peterson has a make-shift shrine to his late wife. He kisses the photo of Laci Peterson every night right before lights out in prison. There have been people who called this creepy, but some have said it indicates he is mourning his loss. If he is indeed innocent, why wouldn’t he want to remember her?