Leaked Emails From Miss America CEO Sam Haskell Prove Fat-Shaming, Name-Calling

Donald KravitzGetty Images

Miss America CEO Sam Haskell is in hot water following a massive internal email leak. The exposed emails reveal a history of fat-shaming and name-calling between Haskell and members of his staff, revealing what the CEO really thought about his former pageant winners.

Emails Reveal A Disturbing Pattern Of Behavior

According to Huffington Post, close to three years of correspondence were leaked, with the most damning emails coming between Haskell and head writer Lewis Friedman. Also in the mix of controversial emails were a media consultant from D.C., Tammy Haddad, and Las Vegas socialite Lynn Weidner. These emails feature a wide range of insults towards former pageant winners, including an assault against a former Miss America that led to the end of her business coaching young pageant talent.

Haskell Ignites A War with Mallory Hagan

Haskell seemed to have a unique dislike for 2013 Miss America winner Mallory Hagan. Three months after winning the Miss America crown, Hagan was photographed wearing a bikini and the public immediately fat-shamed her for gaining a little weight. Haskell, however, took things a step further in an email exchange with Friedman in 2014. After Haskell assured Friedman that he is constantly hearing terrible stories about Hagan, Friedman replied by joking about her weight struggles:

“Mallory’s preparing for her new career… as a blimp in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade As she continues to destroy her own credibility, her voice will attract less and less notice while she continues her descent to an unhappy pathetic footnote.”

Friedman closed the email by asking Haskell if they were the only ones who hadn’t slept with Hagan. Haskell assured him that there were, and later wrote that anyone who slept with Hagan should get tested because of they lost count of her lovers when they reached 25.

Haskell Targets Hagan’s Business

The war between Haskell and Hagan didn’t end there. Haskell also enacted a new Miss America policy that forbade contestants from having coaches. The organization then sent out a list of coaches who were banned and Hagan’s name was on the list. Shortly after the new policy was passed, Hagan’s successful business coaching pageant contestants failed. She was forced to relocate to Alabama, where she built a new career as an anchor for an NBC news outlet in Georgia.


What Will Happen To Haskell?

After the major email leak, it looks as though Haskell’s time as CEO of Miss America is over. According to Newsweek, Dick Clark Productions, the company that airs Miss America, announced that it had cut ties with the organization after learning about Haskell’s inappropriate behavior. The board of directors of the Miss America Organization is also conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and will hand down the appropriate penalties as it sees fit.


Haskell was a part of the Miss America Organization since way back in 2005. He has been recognized for bringing the event back to its former glory, which includes having the pageant nationally televised and returning the show to its original home in Atlantic City. He has not commented on the email leaks.