‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Rain Brown Discusses Sexuality, Comes Clean Amid Rumors

Rain BrownInstagram

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown recently discussed her sexual preference via social media. It happened after a fan directly asked her if she is gay.

Just a month after Rain Brown admitted that she has been battling depression, the 15-year-old updated her social media account with a smiling photo of herself. She captioned the snap with a short message that encourages people to love themselves for who they are.

“When you smile at someone and they smile back do you think they see the ugly face you see? So laugh and smile and see yourself as the beautiful unique quirky lovable you that you are,” she wrote on Instagram then added three hashtags: #stayhappy, #staystrong, and #loveyourself.

While many people reacted very positively to her post, one person asked a question that seems to be off topic, but Rain Brown answered the query nonetheless. Someone inquired about her sexuality by posting the question “Are you gay?” in the comment section.

The teen reality star, who has always been open to her fans, did not hesitate and gave her answer right away. Rain said she is not gay and stressed that she is straight.

Then again, despite her honesty, some haters would not leave her alone and continued to push the issue. Apparently, some do not believe her, as one Instagram user still asked her whether she has accepted her sexuality yet.

To this query, Rain Brown shot back and simply stated, “I’m straight, so yeah I have.”

It seems that one of the reasons why the rumors about the teen star’s sexuality continue to hound her is due to her recent hairstyle. Previously, many people noticed that her hair was getting shorter and shorter, so they started to ask Rain about it.

The teen star explained that she always wanted to have short hair, but she was too afraid to do it. However, after trying it out once, she just loves it.

“The shorter I go the more like the true Rainy I feel.”

But as Radar Online pointed out, just because Rain said she is straight doesn’t mean she has something against gays or bisexuals. She said that she has lots of friends who fly those rainbow colors, and if it is something that makes them happy, she does not see anything wrong with it.

Meanwhile, Rain Brown got the fans of Alaskan Bush People excited when she appeared to have hinted that the show is returning to television. In Touch Weekly reported that the youngest member of the Brown family posted a picture of her siblings and made a promise to come back with a surprise. Fans assumed that she was referring to the new season of the reality show, so they are now waiting for an update.